COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AFP) – New Danish children’s television character John Dillermand’s everyday adventures like walking the dog or going to the zoo may not look like a scandal – if the stories aren’t often around his twisting oversized penis

Even in one of the most progressive countries in the world, the stories of the “world’s longest will” have sparked a debate about what is appropriate for children in the program’s target audience of 4 to 8 year olds

“We think it is important to be able to tell stories about the body,” wrote the public broadcaster DR on Facebook on Tuesday

“In the series we see the growing curiosity (of young children) about their bodies and genitals, as well as the embarrassment and pleasure in the body”

The program on the children’s channel Ramasjang, the first of Dillermand’s 13 episodes, has been broadcast since its release on Jan. January already 140Viewed 000 times

His extra long member is often the key to those crazy situations where he hovers over the city at one point thanks to balloons attached to his device

“It’s a very Danish show. We have a tradition of pushing boundaries and using humor, and we think that’s completely normal,” education expert Sophie Munster told AFP

With some members of the public posting outrage online, right-wing MP Morten Messerschmidt attacked the show in a Facebook post

“I don’t think looking at the genitals of adult men should become something normal for children. You call that public service?” he raged

Münster argued, however: “The debate is from the perspective of an adult in which the long penis is sexualized. Children have a different perspective

John Dillermand

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