The Mandalorian season two finale was a sucker, filled with the potent mix of familiar cameos (maybe the biggest name of them all!), Oversized action, and lovely emotional flourishes.It also gave us some questions that went into season 3 and beyond can echo

This would probably have been a good question to ask the sneaky scientist Dr Pershing (Omid Abtahi), when they boarded the transport ship, what are you doing with my kidnapped son? (This is especially true since the Mandalorian rescued Grogu from this madman back in season 1 amid a very threatening looking medical procedure) This blood secret was later brought up when Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) spat at the Mandalorian that he could take his child back there they already got what they needed from him. But what do they need him for? Our best guess is that it had something to do with the resurrection of the emperor, who miraculously survived being atomized with the rest of the second Death Star … or was cloned … or something … which resulted in him im Last year’s star showed up Wars: The Rise of Skywalker But maybe something evil is afoot that has absolutely nothing to do with the Kaiser? Boy, we hope that’s the case Because the whole Emperor thing is so stupid

Some of the tense moments of the episode were when Moff Gideon explained to the Mandalorian that Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) wanted to defeat him in battle because only then could she wield the mythical lightsaber and lay claim to the throne of Mandalore (That’s a lot (I know) When the Mandalorian tried to hand it over like they were trading snacks at lunch, Bo would get none of it.This has to do with honor and legacy, and before they could decide exactly what to do, a certain Jedi showed up up and interrupted the whole conversation. Still – do the Mandalorians and Bo-Katan have to fight so that she can take the dark sword? Will everyone on this ship just agree to let them go their way with the blade and say nothing? Or is there a reality where the Mandalorian actually returns to Mandalore to guide the people on the planet? (Granted, the last one seems like a stretch) Will Bo-Katan take back the sword and take back the planet? Whatever happens, this is one of the most alluring storylines left after the season two finale

When Luke walks with Grogu, aa Baby Yoda, are we to imply that the artist formerly known as Baby Yoda will now be part of the group of young Jedis who will eventually fall thanks to the rise of Kylo Ren? The timeline doesn’t work completely (The Mandalorian takes place roughly 5 years after the Jedi return), although we’re also not sure how old Kylo Ren was when he decided to turn on his master and explore the dark side of the Assuming Power Maybe It Could Work After All That would be especially tragic if Baby Yoda died in an inferno along with a number of other Jedis in training – and certainly improved Kylo Ren’s credibility as a monster as well

This leads us to another question: where is Luke going with Grogu? The Rise of Skywalker featured a flashback of Luke training Leia on Endor. Could this be his practice ground? Or could he go elsewhere?

What is the Mandalorian after his emotional farewell to the child? No Din Djarin, should do that now? Will he be a hired bounty hunter again? Will he become a more upright citizen who will keep some backwoodsmen like Cara Dune (Gina Carano) or Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) law and order? He also took off his helmet in front of people So does that mean he will be expelled from his clan (as seen in season 1)?

‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2, Episode 7, “The Believer” featured a big moment for the title character

We assume he will actually become one of the Rangers of the New Republic, the new Star Wars spinoff that Disney announced on Disney Investor Day 2020 along with several other characters from The Mandalorian (#BringBackOlyphant) This is all the more likely given that Boba Fett is apparently taking over the actual Mandalorian and, frankly, the idea of ​​the Mandalorian and a few other favorites hopping around the galaxy solving crimes and quelling riots sounds very, very cool, it gives him those too Opportunity to reconnect with his tiny son with big ears and power, which of course would be an unalloyed joy

If you need a refresher on the nature and purpose of these creepy robotic soldiers known as Dark Troopers, you’ve come to the right place. (Side Question: How great was Ludwig Göransson’s music in this episode? This Dark Trooper theme is the best and this piece of music when The Mandalorian took off his helmet made the sequence even more powerful)

Throughout the episode, Moff Gideon torments the Mandalorian with the amount of information he has (about how tough he had it with the Dark Trooper, what weapons he fired, etc.) We know that Gideon placed a tracking device on the Mandalorian’s ship, the Razor Crest, which eventually led to its destruction (sad!) Is he monitoring the situation from surveillance cameras or is there some other, more sinister explanation for the amount of knowledge he possesses?

Now listen to me out here. We got clues about virtually every part of the Star Wars galaxy. The Mandalorian season two finale even had a clue of “Maclunkey,” the strange new piece of dialogue that opposed when Han shut down in the original film Greedo Has Appeared Elsewhere, explicit reference was made to the original series of action figures, with generous references to Boba Fett’s first animated appearance in The Star Wars Holiday Special and Dave Filoni’s animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars All three trilogies have been hatched ” However, no mention of Star Tours, the very first Disney / Star Wars theme park attraction, was made (we thought the vehicle they stole in “The Siege” was going to be a Starspeeder; unfortunately not) We would argue that the original Star Tours, which ran steadily from 1987 to 2011 (when they were updated and given a new vibe) en, was (and still are) vital to the legacy of Star Wars and the public interest in the tour, even during the fallow years.It is found in Disney parks around the world and is still a must-see addition the plot of the original attraction takes place after the events of the original trilogy, so it’s even in the same time period as The Mandalorian For the Love of God, stick RX-24 (aka Rex) in somewhere we know Filoni, Favreau, and the gang isn’t about it

Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 are now streamed on Disney For more information, visit Disney in December

Temuera Morrison, who owns countless rocket launchers, is objectively fantastic, but it’s not my Boba Fett

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