LeAnn Rimes spoke about her win in the fourth season of The Masked Singer The singer “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” said she wanted to “embrace” her “rebellious side” on the show, fans were happy to see Rimes win the Golden Trophy mask after a string of tough competitors, the Sun was a top contender

She then emerged as Grammy-winning singer LeAnn Rimes.She brought tears to the panel every time she sang Rimes played a variety of songs that showed her vocal talents and fans knew it was the country superstar right away , from the first moment she sang

In an interview with USA Today, LeAnn Rimes spoke about her time at The Masked Singer LeAnn Rimes stated that she wanted to bring a bright light into a dark time when she hid her identity, her costume became something important to her, of course it was not always easy

“It was a bit overwhelming at first,” said Rimes. “I wonder,” How do I animate the sun? “But it was fun bringing the costume to life and I think people really connected with this character”

When Rimes became the sun, he sang hits like Kesha’s “Praying” and Billie Eilish’s “When The Party’s Over” But not every performance was perfect. When she sang Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart,” Rimes admitted she was had put on the long cloak of her costume But she played it off like it was a special move ”

Nobody noticed, not even the panelist Rimes said it felt like wearing a corset when stepping out like the sun went “home sore” after every performance while the costume had challenges, led It became a ray of hope Rimes ended up in the last two with her friend and former co-worker Aloe Blacc Like everyone else, she had no idea it was him

Rimes and Blacc previously worked together on their 2015 vacation album, Today is Christmas, when she listened to him she wanted to do a duet. Little knew, they already knew Rimes would open up to work with him again

In a separate interview with ET Online, LeAnn Rimes said she wanted to prove herself on The Masked Singer on Thursday, Jan. December, she told ET’s Nischelle Turner that she wanted to show off her unique talent

“There was so much thought going into the costume and the song selection, it was a lot of work,” Rimes explained. “I really had a very specific story to tell and The Sun was very visual like this one Representation of everything that I’m bringing into the world with my own music ”

Rimes wanted to shove the envelope a little and she admits that every performance was a challenge. As she transitioned into pop, Rimes remembered being criticized for it, but now she had the opportunity to play with different genres

“I’ve fought for a long time against people not knowing where to put me and they want me to put them in a box The more people want to do that, the more I want to claw myself out of it, ”she continued,“ It’s just my rebellious side ”

Rimes added that she “wanted to take that on this show and actually celebrate it. She loved playing different genres. During her time on the show, only two people, including her husband Eddie Cibrian, knew she was the sun while She kept her role on the show a secret, many fans noticed her voice early in the season

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