The Stark Industries toaster and the clock marked Hydra suggest a dark side under the suburban sunshine for Marvel’s Wanda and Vision

WandaVision, Marvel’s new DisneyPlus show, starts in black and white with a can of laugh as a backdrop and looks like a well-known comedy by an old couple modeled on I Love Lucy, so it fits that every episode is a retro commercial And these fake ads aren’t just funny, they play Marvel’s story

In the first episode, the commercial only airs for about 10 minutes and starts smoking burnt toast in a retro toaster. It unfolds as an advertisement for the “new and improved ToastMate 2000,” which supposedly even includes cakes and meatloaf can roast While the toaster is busy, it beeps eerily like a bomb Its red light is the only dash of color in the black and white display, it turns out that the toaster is a product of the family business Stark Industries owned by Iron Man Tony Stark and carries the ominous slogan “Forget the past, this is your future”

But a powerful device that beeps like a bomb has a terrifying connection to Wanda.In Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015, Wanda and her twin brother Pietro reveal that they were only ten years old when they lost their parents in a bombing raid sat and sat scared for two days, staring at the word “Stark” on an unexploded grenade that landed nearby

“We’ll wait two days for Tony Stark to kill us,” Wanda says in the movie It seems clear that an ad for a Stark toaster that beeps like a bomb is no coincidence during most of the episode bright and sloppy and reminiscent of a fluffy sitcom, the commercial is reminiscent: There’s a darker past here, and the show could explore it

On episode two, the commercial comes in at 6:40 a.m. and appears to have the same two actors as the first fake commercial (CNET’s reviewer has some speculation as to who the man and woman might be)

The second ad shows an elegant couple on their way to the evening and shows the man’s Strücker watch. You don’t know Strücker? Baron Wolfgang von Strücker is the Marvel villain who controls the evil organization Hydra in Avengers Age of Ulton, and he is the one who experimented with Wanda and her twin. It is particularly frightening that the watch says “Hydra” directly on the face and has a threatening slogan: “Strücker: He takes time for you”

Wanda and Vision may be trying to live the sitcom-perfect suburban life, but the ads are a reminder that things can get serious before the end of nine episodes. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, even admits that commercials are important

“How do (start) other truths come out of the show?” Feige said, according to SlashFilm, “It’s just an odd version of the 50s or 60s commercial so you need to keep watching and understanding the series. Once you’ve seen all of the films, you may be able to begin connecting the meanings of these things to the past “

The ads aren’t the only Easter eggs rewarding Marvel fans, check out our roundup of other notable moments, including Vision’s chewing gum and that pesky beekeeper

A new WandaVision episode – and presumably a new commercial – will air on Jan. January have premiered on Disney Plus 22

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