US Capitol Lockdown RECAP: Person shot as a pro-Trump mob storms Capitol as Senate meets to endorse Joe Biden

When on Wednesday the 6th On January 1st, a violent crowd of President Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, politicians and famous faces took to Twitter to voice their concerns

However, the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, posted a controversial statement on the social media platform

about the “insurgents” who took over the building to reject the US election results

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Ms. Trump, the presidential adviser, called the mob “American Patriots”

It came when Donald Trump himself was suspended from Twitter after addressing his supporters directly in a video

Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to make a statement about the mayhem in the Washington DC Capitol, which has been dubbed the “greatest threat to US democracy” since the Civil War

The mob took over the building to protest what Donald Trump has consistently called a “fraudulent election”

While urging the loyalists not to use violence, Ms. Trump called them “American patriots” in the same tweet

The tweet read, “American Patriots – Security Breaches or Disregard for our Law Enforcement Agencies Are Unacceptable The Violence Must Stop Immediately Please Be Peaceful”

Shortly after the president’s eldest daughter made her statement, other Twitter users asked her about her use of the term “patriots” to describe the rioters

Kate Bennett, CNN White House correspondent, asked, “Clarify @IvankaTrump, you say these people are” patriots “?”

Ms. Trump seemed to withdraw in her response: “No, peaceful protest is patriotic. Violence is unacceptable and must be strongly condemned”

The two tweets were the only social media comments Ms. Trump made during the Capitol Building storm

Twitter users were upset at Ivanka Trump’s use of the term “American Patriots” to describe her father’s disgruntled supporters

She also received a backlash for not asking the rioters to abandon their siege of the Capitol Building

Journalist Jake Sherman, who was in the Capitol at the time, condemned Ms. Trump’s Twitter language

He wrote, “American patriots? I’m sitting here in lockdown The capital has been breached and people have drawn guns What are you talking about? “

And White House correspondent April Ryan said Ms. Trump was “complicit” in the violence that took place at the seat of US democracy

She said, “We were always told that @IvankaTrump would be the ‘voice of reason’ for her father, instead she is just as complicit

Other users said that Ms. Trump’s deletion of the tweet indicated that it was inappropriate

Your brother, Donald Trump Jr, also addressed the violent protests via the social media platform and tweeted a video in which the mob fought with the federal police

He wrote: “This is wrong and not who we are Be peaceful and use your first right of amendment, but don’t act like the other party

Donald Trump failed to explicitly condemn the violent actions of his supporters in a series of tweets until he posted a video on Twitter speaking to them directly

In the short clip, he reiterated his consistent claims about election fraud and told the rioters “I love you” before encouraging them to “go home”

The President said, “I know your pain, I know you are hurt, we had a choice that was stolen from us, it was a landslide election, and everyone knows, especially the other side, but you have to go home now We must have peace We must have law and order “

The video statement resulted in Twitter and Facebook banning Trump from their websites for 24 hours

Twitter said it was required to remove three of Trump’s tweets about the riots for “serious violations of our civil integrity policy” and that the president’s account would be suspended if the tweets were not removed >

The Twitter Safety statement reads: “Because of the unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington, DC.We had to remove three @ realDonaldTrump tweets posted today for repeated and serious violations of our Civic Integrity Policy

“If the Tweets are not removed, the account will remain banned Future violations of Twitter rules, including our civil integrity or violent threats guidelines, will result in the @ realDonaldTrump account being permanently banned”

Facebook said, “We removed [the video] because we believed it would help rather than reduce the risk of persistent violence”

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