Everton – Man City: Bernardo Silva had a goal and an assist when Manchester City became the first team to win their first 10 league games of a calendar year with a 3-1 loss to Everton at Goodison Park on Wednesday

City now has a 10 point lead in the Premier League, just like they did in the games with the next five pursuers

Phil Foden and Riyad Mahrez also scored one goal for City when Kevin De Bruyne in the 80 Minute returned from the bench to the lineup

Richarlison scored for the hosts to bring the game to halftime at 1 Everton has 37 points, three points behind sixth in Liverpool and five points behind the top four, with all the teams ahead of him having a match in hand have

1 City Now Competing Against Itself As Quadruple Dreams Focus: City Is A Dynasty Should they get a third Premier League title in four seasons, we’ll be debating whether there has ever been a run as dominant as theirs (which says something since we are living in a dual dynasty era if you allow it) City hasn’t lost a Premier League game in November, losing 21 at Tottenham, and having won its last 12 in competition and 17 overall now overwhelming favorites to win the Premier League are one League Cup win, three FA Cup, and the UCL round of 16 starting next week

2 Mahrez makes a name for himself: The Algerian sent the cross that was Foden’s prelude, but his goal was all about him Mahrez accepts a layoff from Bernardo Silva to get a shot from the inside of the long post to make the 2: 1 He had a quieter statistical year after his 11-goal and 12-assists campaign from 2019-20, but the 29-year-old now has 63 Premier League goals. Not bad and good news to Pep Guardiola who is hoping De Bringing Bruyne back into shape

3 Toffees licking wounds before the Derby opportunity: Carlo Ancelottis Toffees could have entered the Merseyside Derby level on Saturday level with Liverpool and also held a match against his rivals. Instead, they need a win at Anfield – a less daunting proposition recently – to finish with the Reds by 40 points Everton has now only won once in six PL games, including defeats to Fulham and Newcastle. Their goals for the season are all still there for him but it’s necessary to win against Liverpool this weekend, otherwise the Toffees have lost three times in a row

We’d like to bring Rodri here in almost every Man City game that Kevin De Bruyne doesn’t play, but Bernardo’s goal and one support comes with the support of 60 of 62 passes and two key passes

There wasn’t much to be said, especially on Everton’s side, before City made the seventh attempt at the game

It was City’s third shot, and a hopeful one, when Foden slammed a loose ball off the inside of Seamus Coleman’s planted right foot to dry Jordan Pickford for dryness in the visitors’ possession nearly 75 percent of the game when they took the lead through Foden let

But wait, Everton got a shot and a goal when Coleman’s cross hit Lucas Digne at the back post Kyle Walker went to lunch and marked the back post Dignes shot hit the far post and jumped 1-1 off Richarlison’s thigh and home

Gabriel Jesus shot into the box to hit a pass and tried to score as far as the near post, but he sailed over the gate

City won in the 63 Minute, the lead by Mahrez back when the Algerian Bernardo Silva’s pass and strapped him from the far post over the line

Then Silva got on the board and scored in the 77 Play with 3: 1 a hit that a diving Pickford couldn’t take

Everton – Manchester City

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