Kay Tippett’s novel “Where We Had Been” will be available on Blurbcom on Jan 1 (JOYANNA LOVE / AD)

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Nobody wants to be the last to be chosen

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By JOYANNA LOVE / Managing Editor Many of the members of Maplesville Volunteer Fire and Rescue have been in the Everyone’s Department for several years

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From Joyanna Love

Kay Tippett from Clanton will be born on Jan. January publish their first book “Where We Had Been” 1

Her story centers on Pammy, the daughter of Tom and Daisy from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”

“The Great Gatsby” will go into the public domain on January 1, 2021 to allow Tippett to release her book based on his characters

“When the novel ends when” (The Great) Gatsby “ends, Nick Carraway says, among other things, that Tom and Daisy are carefree people,” Tippett said, “They just destroy people’s lives as they go, and then they sink back into their money and they don’t think about the consequences Tom and Daisy have a child Pammy and I think she lives with it What will happen to her? will they ruin her life too? or will she rise above it ? “

The idea of ​​writing something inspired by “The Great Gatsby” started in 2015 as part of her master’s thesis

While studying, Tippett read Fitzgerald’s work. Tippett said her daughter also worked at the Fitzgerald House in Montgomery and told her a lot about the couple’s history However, Tippett didn’t read The Great Gatsby until she was 11 years old Class was teaching when she read it to be able to teach

Tipett believes that because she is a high school teacher, she may have been interested in how the characters’ later decisions would affect her child

She said she dedicated the book to “the third and fourth generations” in the light of Numbers 14:18, which states: “The Lord is long-suffering and of great mercy, forgiving injustice and transgression, and in no way clears the guilty Visiting Fathers’ Iniquity against Third and Fourth Generation Children (King James Version) ”

At the suggestion of her English teacher, Tippett first became interested in writing in the ninth grade

“She got us to keep a diary,” said Tippett, “we had to write in a journal every day, so I really started to write by journaling”

“Then she got me involved in a little poetry group that met on Sunday afternoon,” Tippett said

“I’m enjoying it I always have something on my mind, “said Tipett

Tippett said, “Where we’ve been” will make more sense to those already familiar with the Gatsby story

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The Great Gatsby, Great Gatsby

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