Tom Hardy hailed from Christian Bale and Jared Leto’s drama school and is fully immersed in every character he plays and often undergoes some serious body transformations in the process much like the other two acclaimed Thespian disciples there it’s probably a large number of people who have no idea what Hardy’s natural speaking voice sounds like, given how seldom he uses it in the movie

Whether it’s Bronson, Warrior or The Dark Knight Rises, whether he’s buried under prosthetic limbs in Capone or completely embodied his man from the wild in The Revenant, you can always count on the Star Mad Max: Fury Road gives you solid performance no matter how good or bad the movie it’s in

Several of Hardy’s biggest box office hits were all made by Christopher Nolan at the helm, and Dunkirk is the highest grossing World War II film ever made after grossing $ 525 million at the box office at around Ousting Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan From the top, eight Academy Award nominations were given, including “Best Picture” and “Best Director,” and three awards in the technical categories won

Tom Hardy doesn’t play a huge role in this, but it’s an extremely important one nonetheless, as its pilot Farrier is instrumental in driving one of the movie’s three narrative strands The unusual structure of Dunkirk just increased the immersion with one storyline at a time after the Battle of Land, Sea and air and clearly continues to affect viewers The War Epic is currently one of the most watched titles on Hulu this week This is an impressive feat for a tense, prestige picture published over three and a half years ago

Tom Hardy

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