Still in awe after watching the start? Inception was one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time, starring our favorite Leonardo Dicaprio. Want more similar types of movies? You have landed in the right place. Here is our ultimate list of movies like Inception that will blow your mind

The Fountain, one of the most dazzling films of the era, is directed by Darren Aronofsky.The film shows a man traveling through time to save his wife from dying.In today’s situation, it has been almost impossible to save his wife because she had cancer. Will he be able to save his wife? Check out the movie on Prime to find out

Jonathon Nolan was the director of The Prestige, another sci-fi film on our list of films such as Inception It’s a Tale of Magicians Rivaling Each Other A wizard’s assistant died during a show Both magicians blamed each other for the incident To outsmart each other, they do their best by keeping the lives of everyone around them at stake. Will the people around them be saved? Watch the film now on Amazon Prime Video

Breakups are part of every adult’s life.But Michael Gondry wrote a better way to get out of here in the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.Clementine and Joel broke up, Clementine thought of a plan to remove Joel’s memories from her mind as soon as When Joel received this information about her, he also thought of following her plan to forget her. Over time, Joel began to forget her and all her memories with her. The story shows how bad relationships can affect people’s lives Now watch the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on Amazon Prime Video

One of Christopher Nolan’s best sci-fi films, The Interstellar (2014) This film is also considered one of the best sci-fi films like Inception with brilliant action sequences and time loop themes The film starts off with taking the earth in to show great danger, as it will be uninhabited for people So Prof Brand thought of a plan to move the population of the earth to another planet. He would transport them through a warm hole

So he thought of transporting Cooper first as he was a former pilot and planned to send Cooper first to see what planet he would best live on. It’s a mind-boggling kind of movie Watch this spectacular mind bender is now available on Amazon Prime Video

The next sci-fi movie on the list is The Butterfly Effect Ashton Kutcher is the protagonist in the butterfly effect The butterfly effect is based on a student His name was Evan.He often got headaches due to which he passed out during this time he traveled with the time He saw his difficult times in childhood and was able to change them. He could even change his friend’s past. But this could endanger his and his friends present. What do you think can badly happen in his current life? It’s one of the most mind-boggling movies so watch the movie to get to know

The next movie on the list is The Game The game was written by Michael Ferris and Michael Douglas is the protagonist.This story is based on Nicholas Van Orton, a banker who was an introverted man, on his birthday his brother visited and gave him gifts him a real game Nicholas played a game a couple of times The game didn’t hurt at first The game later became very disruptive to his life Next we see Nicholas getting into big trouble Will he be able to find answers to his questions? Watch the film now on Amazon Prime Video

Dark City is one of the best thriller films of the era.This film features the story of John He woke up alone in a hotel Then later finds out that he was wanted for the murders he committed John couldn’t find out that he really committed murder? He forgot everything about himself and thought he had gone mad.Now he has to solve a mystery about his identity.As he neared the end of the mystery, he found that an evil is controlling an underworld that has been labeled a stranger, which happens next ? Watch the movie to find out

The pepper film is based on a scientist named Atsuko Chiba.She worked as a scientist by day and as a detective by night. As a detective, she was code-named Paprika. She and her friends made a device to help psychiatric patients. Unfortunately, this device has fallen into the wrong hands Now she has to get it back before the damage is done as this device had the ability to destroy people’s minds.This movie is directed by Seishi Minakami and Yasutaka Tsutsui, so watch the movie to see what happens next

Tom Cruise is the protagonist in this film. In the film, it is shown that the world is in danger because some aliens have attacked the earth. No military in the world has the ability to fight against them. William Cage was given the task to fight them He was killed within moments after death he was on the way on time He went into flashback and saw his fight against the aliens again, followed by his death in between his fighting ability increased and was very close to defeating the aliens he can win against the aliens and save the world? Watch the movie now to know

The Thirteenth Floor is one of the best science fiction films by Josef Rusnak. The film shows a man who does not understand what is happening to him. When he just woke up, he found a shirt full of blood stains in his house Also, his boss was found murdered last night. He couldn’t remember what he did? Watch this movie to find out what the reasons are

The source code is one of the films in the action thriller genre and a science fiction film Directed by Duncan Jones Jake Gyllenhaal is seen as the lead actor in this film. This film shows Colter Stevens joining the team on a special mission.The team’s mission was to find out who the bomber was in order to detect similar explosions During the mission, he had the chance to see the final minutes of Sean who died in a tooth explosion. Because of this, he was confident that he would save the next explosion from happening. Will he succeed in his plan? Check out the movie to get to know it

The film shows that a man had an accident.After death, he was sent to Heaven where he had a very good life. He had the power to become anything he wants.Even his children were in with him Sent to Heaven After learning that his wife had committed suicide and was sent to Hell, he got angry. He intended to take her to Heaven too. But getting her from Hell to Heaven is not an easy task bring Will he succeed? Watch the movie to know

Primer is one of the best thriller films The film tells the story of two engineers named Aaron and Abe Both worked to develop a device that could help with error checking But later they learn that instead of what they wanted, they accidentally built a time machine they thought of making a better version of it so they could transport people through it that decision could be very bad for them what will happen next? Are you watching this movie on Amazon Prime Video now to get to know it?

Predestination Shows How a Man Time Travel to Change the Past An agent assigned the final task of his career was asked to go back in time. He asked to prevent a bombing that took place in New York exploded. This task is not as easy as it seems. Will he succeed? Watch the movie to find out more

Coherence is one of the science fiction films directed by James Ward Byrkit.The film is shown to have eight friends gathering for an evening party.After some time, a comet appears in the sky, which is watched by everyone after death The comet, a number of strange events happened at the party It caused everyone trouble. Are you watching this movie now to see what actually happened?

Time-lapse in the science fiction thriller genre The film shows how three friends got a photo device that they can use to click on the photo one day in the future.They got greedy after meeting such a device and used it it is therefore for personal use. This decision could be very dangerous for you. Watch the movie to find out what can happen to you

Add These Movies to Your Watchlist We’re at the end of this article Hollywood Science Fiction Movies Are The Most Watched Movies In The World Science fiction movies are mind-blowing, so we have to think differently. We have the best ones to think about stimulating and similar movies like Inception put together for you so viewers can watch most of the above movies on Amazon Prime Video And this festive season allows you to watch these stunning movies with loved ones and friends I hope you have a good time watching these Watch movies

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