Two different Captain America parodies arrive in 2021.Both The Boys and Suicide Squad will parody the popular Marvel hero next year

Captain America has been one of the world’s most beloved superheroes for nearly a decade, but his patriotic image will soon be the subject of two separate parodies. Amazon Prime’s hit hit series The Boys will introduce the new character Soldier Boy during James Gunn’s reboot of the Suicide Squads will introduce Peacemaker. Both characters possess ideologies that poke fun at the heroic idealism of Captain America

Obviously, the MCU’s Captain America hung his shield, leaving a vacuum for a new Captain America, the new Disney series Falcon and the Winter Soldier will certainly advance Cap’s legacy, but the exact status of the Captain America coat remains unclear Ta Nehisi-Coates, who writes the current Captain America comic run, has worked to complicate the character’s image and question what it means to fight crime while dressed in American red, white and blue but himself when Cap’s image is constantly queried and deconstructed, the new parodies of The Boys and The Suicide Squad break new ground

Soldier Boy’s backstory is largely identical to that of Captain America, although it is certainly shaped by The Boy’s signature sense of humor. He has a strict code of honor and refuses to swear instead, he uses outdated phrases like “gee-whiz” “Soldier Boy is perhaps a parody of the original incarnation of Captain America, who spent all his time fighting Nazis and promoting American propaganda, Peacemaker, the star of an upcoming HBO Max series that is slated to debut in Gunn’s film , brings the idealism of Captain America to its logical conclusion.The character played by John Cena is so committed to world peace that he is willing to use extreme violence to achieve that goal, so the peacemaker’s agenda is ripe for one comedic parody, as its peaceful ideology is constantly being undermined by its violent tendencies One could easily accuse Captain America of similar hypocrisy

Captain America’s commitment to truth and justice was confronted back in 2016 in Captain America: Civil War, which contrasted Cap’s unwavering belief in superheroes with Tony Stark’s admission that heroes need to be regulated, but the MCU never settled this vital debate, but rather instead deals with a minor threat named Thanos, however, fans have suggested The Boys largely agree with Steve Rogers, of course, and the show deconstructs superheroes from every angle, shedding light on not only the dangers of regulation but also the celebrity Stark’s perspective in the Civil War may from The Boys will be undermined, but Rogers’ desire to be a respected, even idolized figure in American culture is being undermined by the show in a similar manner with the introduction of Soldier Boy, it will be interesting to see the show have more commentary on the Personality of Captain Americ a offers

Peacemaker makes for a particularly interesting parody of Cap Like Captain America, Peacemaker believes he is a hero He is a member of the Suicide Squad, however, and may not even be very popular, surrounded by supervillains Peacemaker clearly has positive intentions in The Suicide Squad, but his reckless actions cause more harm than good, leading to the Avengers’ destruction of Sokovia at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron very well, James Gunn has the opportunity to take the MCU apart from the outside with The Suicide Squad and given the director’s track record, there’s a good chance he’ll grab it

Captain America is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, and that’s probably not going to change anytime soon. With that in mind, the parodies of Cap in The Boys and The Suicide Squad provide a unique opportunity for fans to share their thoughts on America’s most patriotic hero to change

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