In the years since John Cazale’s death, Meryl Streep has said that she never got over his death

There are several ways in Hollywood to judge how successful an actor is. Since the film industry is first and foremost a business, actors are judged primarily on their ability to revise movies that make money, and movie stars also judge movie stars their acting skills, which can be measured by the number of awards they have won over the years

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many movie stars who have proven they are great actors and that their films tend to be big bucks, luckily for fans of Meryl Streep’s work, it’s perfectly clear that she’s the whole package, after all many of her films have done big business at the box office, and she has often been cited as the best single actress of all time. In addition, many actors have spoken of making love to Streep

Of course, just because Meryl Streep was very successful in her career doesn’t mean that things have always gone that way in her personal life.Instead, when Steep’s career was still beginning, Steep suffered a loss that devastated her, amazingly, this one But the tragedy led to the fact that Steep met one of the most important people in her life

During Meryl Steep’s long career, she has managed to make every film she has starred in better, which is why she has been nominated for a staggering number of awards over the year, in fact, Streep was at the time of this writing nominated for twenty-one Oscars, and there is every reason to believe that number will keep rising

Whenever Meryl Streep’s name has been haunted off the Oscars stage for the past few decades, a man named Don Gummer beamed with pride next to her Streep and Gummer, who at the time of this writing had been married for 42 years, seem to be along with their four children to have lived an almost perfect life

While Don Gummer hasn’t spoken much to the press over the years, wife Meryl Streep wasn’t shy about singing her longtime husband’s praises, for example, when Streep won an Oscar in 2012, she talked about how much Gummer meant to her life has “First I will thank Don because if you thank your husband at the end of the speech you will play him off with the music and I want him to know that you gave me everything I value most in our life “

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In the summer of 1976 Meryl Streep appeared in a Shakespeare in the Park production of “Measure for Measure” While landing that role was a big moment in Streep’s young career at the time, it was an even bigger thing in her personal life as John Cazale was also starred in the play after they met that summer, and Streep fell in love Cazale into each other

After moving in together months after their first meeting, Meryl Streep and John Cazale had started building a life together.Unfortunately, the couple’s fortunes took a big turn when Cazale was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer just under two years after Streep and Cazale took one Having become couple, John succumbed to cancer with a destroyed Meryl at his side

In the years since John Cazale’s death, Meryl Streep has said she never got over his death.Immediately after Cazale’s death, a saddened Streep concluded that she couldn’t bear to live in the apartment she was with As a result, she decided to move out with the help of her brother. Amazingly, Streep’s brother asked his friend Don Gummer to help with the move, and when Don and Meryl met they fell in love, although there is no question that Streep Cazale’s death was very difficult took, she married Gummer six months after John’s death

When John Cazale passed away in 1978, it left a hole in the lives of the people who cared for him the most.While their loss means the most, it should also be noted that moviegoers everywhere have failed to see where Cazale’s career will go would have gone

While John Cazale was never a household name, his acting career is one of the most amazing in Hollywood history.Since Cazale passed away at a young age, he only appeared in five films, however, quality is far more important than quantity, and from that point of view, John had it A Perfect Career After all, all five films in which Cazale starred were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, and three of them took home that award

In 1972, moviegoers got their first glimpse into John Cazale when he made his box office debut as Fredo Corleone in The Godfather.While many people have forgotten about the next movie starring Cazale, The Conversation was an incredible movie that more was about From there, Cazale played Fredo again in The Godfather Part II and shared the screen again with Al Pacino on the afternoon of Dog Day
Unfortunately, by the time Cazale’s next project was being shot, it was known that he had terminal cancer and the studio refused to pay for his insurance.Because movie stars must be insured to direct a film, Cazale did Nearly Missed His Final Role However, The Deer Hunter lead actor Robert De Niro respected Cazale so much that he personally paid for his insurance that allowed John to star in the film

While John Cazale should be considered a Hollywood legend since he has starred in so many amazing films, there’s another reason he deserves a Lifetime Achievement Award, according to all reports, everyone who’s screened respected him Cazale shared, deeply as a man and an actor. For example, Al Pacino worked with Cazale three times and once said something amazing about his frequent co-star, “I learned more about acting from John than anyone else I just wanted to do for the rest of my life John work He was my acting partner ”

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