Kamala Harris may leave the Capitol for the White House, but the new Vice President will continue to be a key voice on the hill.As the special elections in Georgia this week appear to send two more Democrats to the Senate, this will be powerful 50% governing body split between Republicans and Democrats As Vice President, Californian Harris was able to cast the casting vote on everything from President Joe Biden’s cabinet candidates to federal judges

“You will likely spend more time at the US Senate this year than last year, “said longtime political strategist Dan Schnur, pointing to the fact that the outgoing California Senator had spent a good part of 2020 on campaigning across the country

The Constitution says that the Vice President is the President of the Senate, which means the Democrats would have control over which bills are spoken, even though the body would be evenly divided for the first time in years, they will also become the House of Representatives under the direction of the San Francisco Rep. control Nancy Pelosi and of course the White House

That doesn’t mean the more liberal party can do what it wants. Most non-budgetary laws require 60 votes. And although some Democrats have called for the rules to be changed to just a simple majority Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat from West Virginia, has said he does not support changing the rules, for example, and since the Senate is evenly divided, campaigning moderates like Manchin and Susan Collins become , a Republican from Maine, more important to both parties

To deliver on his campaign promise as a coalition builder, Biden may not want to rely on Harris too often to cast a casting vote.But behind the scenes, Schnur said, expect him to rely on Harris and her team in Be in constant touch with Collins and her staff to find common ground where the Maine Senator can help put law into practice

And while political analysts have warned progressives not to get overly optimistic about a crowded legislative agenda, Schnur believes that compromises may be possible in some areas such as climate change. Further regulations? Probably not More investment in clean energy infrastructure? Quite possible

Jack Pitney, policy professor at Claremont McKenna College and congressional expert, said the two parties could potentially reach agreements on introducing coronavirus vaccines and disability issues

The 50:50 split is unusual, but not entirely unprecedented, in the 1880s and 1950s the Senate was split evenly for a short time, and the body was split similarly for a few months in 2001 that year, party leaders agreed to remove committee memberships Divided Evenly Despite the current deep divisions between Republicans and Democrats, and despite the Democrats stabbed by the GOP’s efforts to challenge Biden’s legitimate victory, Pitney expects a similar agreement to stand

Neither Kentucky Mitch McConnell, who is slipped from the majority to minority leader, nor New York City Chuck Schumer, who is expected to be the new majority leader, are likely to want to spend political capital to break this precedent, he said >

The Georgia results have already led to some advances drawn after President Donald Trump’s successful appointment of three Conservative judges to the Supreme Court to urge Judge Stephen Breyer to retire and allow Biden to using his newly won Senate majority to appoint a new, younger Liberal Justice Whether Breyer will be committed remains to be seen

Regardless, Biden should allow for quick endorsement from cabinet secretaries like Neera Tanden as head of administration and budget and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as health secretary when Harris is stationed to break a tie that could otherwise be a drawn-out one , face bitter partisan warfare and continue to lead a deeply divided country. Tanden, who has headed the left-wing Center for American Progress for years, has angered Republicans by loudly criticizing GOP members, while Republicans Becerra for approving one of have rejected the government-run health care system “Medicare for all”

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Unlike in the past, when some vice presidents were largely out of sight and sanity, Harris now has the opportunity to make himself particularly useful and visible – and to continue preparing for a future presidential election

“Harris will be the second most important person in Washington,” said Schnur, “but possibly the busiest”

Pitney agrees that her tiebreaker role will increase her visibility but also warns that doing so will limit her ability to travel and she won’t exactly be a free agent.Instead, he said, Harris will be tasked with weighing up, like Biden finds it controversial to cover controversial issues that opposition researchers are likely to elaborate for one of their future races

“There was an episode of the west wing where the vice president was thinking of parting ways with the president,” Pitney said. “But that would never happen”

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