PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It was a scary night for visitors to Philadelphia when their Airbnb was shot, according to police, a person was shot in the head at the house in Point Breeze, resulting in a wildcat chase Police conducted and ended with the arrest of four people

“Several bullets, at least four, went through the front door and one through the front window of the property,” said Scott Small, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector

Bullet holes now puzzle the front of Airbnb on the 2000 block of Titan Street in Point Breeze

Police say these bullets started flying around 10:30 p.m. Monday.A man in the house was hit in the head.After being shot, the victim ran to the headquarters of Sept. District about two blocks away and told the police what happened. He was taken to the Presbyterian Hospital in stable condition

“In order for a person to be shot by a caliber weapon and shot in the head, you are always very lucky to survive,” said Small

Police say a red pickup truck carrying four raced off the scene and crashed into a police vehicle less than a mile away on 25th Street and Ritner Street

From there, they drove another half mile and hit several other cars before finally trying to get back on Jan. and Daly Terrace running away on foot. The police managed to chase them down and arrest them all

“You fled on foot after this second accident and all four were taken by the police of 1st District arrested So these officers did a really good job, “said Scott Small, Philadelphia Police Department chief inspector,” It’s really hard to chase people on foot, especially teenagers and young men in their twenties, in the slippery and icy conditions. ” >


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