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INTER put in an excellent performance to beat rivals AC Milan at San Siro and take command of the Serie A title race

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Inter Milan triumphed in San Siro with a 3-0 win over rivals AC Milan and remain in Serie A with a lead of four points over their opponents and second place leaders

Inter were stunned just five minutes after kick-off when Romelu Lukakus found a fine cross from Lautaro Martinez’s right cross in the penalty area completely unmarked and the Argentina international’s header defeated Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma

The Nerazzurri dominated the first half, but the Rossoneri returned stronger after the break and approached an equalizer, only to be contested by a dominant Samir Handanovic

Handanovic saved two headers from Zlatan Ibrahimovic with a few breathtaking jumps and also stopped a powerful shot from Sandro Tonali

Milan couldn’t use their momentum when Inter in 57 Minute sealed the victory when Achraf Hakimi ran the ball over the right wing and found Christian Eriksen in midfield before the Tottenham star passed Ivan Perisic on the left

Perisic then fielded Lautaro, who was perfectly positioned in the box and defeated Donnarumma for the second time

The ex-Manchester United star ran around Milan captain Alessio Romagnoli and sent the ball back into the net from Donnarumma’s tight corner

Inter boss Antonio Conte is happy with the result and dedicated the win to the fans, suggesting that more is to come

“It was a great win, it is a high-level derby and there is even more pressure and responsibility. The players were good and we are continuing the growth path we started a year and a half ago

“We were able to make good use of the expected opportunities. We congratulate Milan and Pioli on what they are doing

“We want to dedicate this victory to our fans because today’s reception was exciting, gave us responsibility and put pressure on us to transform ourselves into positive energy”

Stefano Pioli, head of AC Milan, said he had replaced Zlatan Ibrahimovic because he had asked to come out because of a cramp

Pioli told DAZN: “A striker depends on the team’s performance In the first half we struggled to get the players close to their box, even though we created some opportunities

“We scored more shots on goal in the second half with [Samir] Handanovic, who made some crucial saves. It was a difficult week, but we will react

“We weren’t too aggressive because we didn’t leave too much space for them and wanted to create two vs. two situations Your quality showed in the second half It’s not easy to win possession against them”

AC Milan boss Stefano Pioli is confident that his team will bounce back and react after a 3-0 defeat against rivals Inter Milan

Pioli said: “Our strength is balance We believe in our job We have to be objective A year or even three months ago we would have been happy to be where we are now

“Other than that, we’re not happy because this was the derby, we wanted more, but we mustn’t forget our way

“We haven’t done our best in the last three games and we know we can do a little more”We apologize for today’s defeat, but the bad game was against Spezia, not that. We tried to do our best today

“We are the only team that played the Europa League play-offs We had some injuries and some players played too much”It’s normal, we knew this season would have been difficult and so we have to be happy with what we’ve done so far

“It’s been a tough week, the worst of the season. We want to qualify for the next stage of the Europa League and then focus on Serie A again”

As mentioned before the game, Inter Milan have the best attack in Serie A this season

After the 3-0 triumph against rivals AC Milan, the Nerazzurri have scored a total of 57 goals

They also have the best defense in the top 4 as they only conceded 24 goals

57 – Inter has scored 57 league goals in the first 23 games of the season: They only had more of them in 1949/50 and 1950/51. # MilanInter #DerbyMilano BildTwittercom / jCmmpT1LMI

This means that they are 10 points ahead of Roma and Lazio in third and fourth place, although the Giallorossi have a game in their hands

AC Milan dominated 60 percent of the ball possession but failed to generate much substance during the Milan derby

Milan scored 15 shots, eight of which were on target, while Inter Milan scored a total of 16 hits, six of which were on target

The Rossoneri dominated in the air, recording a 615 percent success rate compared to Inter 385

The Nerazzurri will owe a lot to Samir Handanovic as he had to make eight saves during the entire encounter, compared to Gianluigi Donnarumma’s three

Inter Milan celebrated a big win against rivals AC Milan

in the Milan derby at San Siro

Inter were stunned just five minutes after kick-off when Romelu Lukaku’s cross from the right flank found Lautaro Martinez in the penalty area completely unmarked and Argentina international Gianluigi Donnarumma defeated with a breathtaking header

The Rossoneri were nearing an equalizer but were turned down by the incredible Samir Handanovic who scored a stunning three-way save

Handanovic blocked two headers from Zlatan Ibrahimovic with two saves before stopping a powerful shot from Sandro Tonalli

Shortly thereafter, in the 57 Minute, Achraf Hakimi ran the ball over the right wing and handed it to Christian Eriksen in midfield, who then found Ivan Perisic on the left

Perisic then fielded Lautaro, who was perfectly positioned in the box and defeated Donnarumma for the second time

Nine minutes later, Croatian international Lukaku hit with a brilliant Inter cross and the ex-Manchester United star ran around Alessio Romagnoli before scoring a third goal from Donnarumma’s tightest corner

Rebic shoots a low shot from the left, but the Inter-keeper jumps to his right and grabs the ball with his fingertips to deny the Milanese ace

85 This is what you get when Perisic is at his best, two amazing goals from players like Lautaro and Lukaku

Incredible performance by the Croatian international who left the field with two assists

80 Inter dominate the entire field of play and seem more interested in saving energy before the games to come

Inter boss Conte decides to mess things up when he introduces Sanchez, Gagliardini and Darmian to replace Lautaro, Eriksen and Perisic

What a nice cross from Perisici, who recorded his second assist of the game

Lukaku receives his reward for his outstanding performance! 🙌 Under control of the derby 🔵⚫ Under control of the title race? 👀 ImageTwittercom / qGZFL05oTO

4 – Before Romelu Lukaku, Benito Lorenzi was the last Inter player to score in four consecutive Milanese Serie A derbies in 1950, Poison # MilanInter #DerbyMilano BildTwittercom / mAE9AoTBFp

Milan got off to a good start at the start of the second half but after two goals in less than 10 minutes there seems to be no turning back

Milan make their first changes to the game when Leao and Meite compete for Tonali and Saelemaekers

The Inter-star runs around Romagnoli and makes it to the box, where he fires a shot and knocks Donnarumma out of a tight corner!

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