css-14iz86j-BoldText {font-weight: bold;} Several business leaders have objected to the looming prospect of a second nationwide lockdown in England, saying the potential damage “is immense”

“We [the UK] now have over £ 2 trillion in debt and I think the government has neglected to account for the total loss of the foreclosure,” he says

Government says it has struck a balance between protecting jobs, saving the economy and saving lives

M Johnson adds: “The damage to confidence, to entrepreneurs, to investors, to job destruction, to unemployment and to social and social costs is immense”

This week, the London Ambulance Service revealed that it is now witnessing an average of 37 suicides per day, or suicide attempts, up from 22 per day in 2019

“I think this is a direct result of the lockdown People are losing their jobs, they are lonely, depressed, the country’s mental health toll is exponential,” says M Johnson, who previously ran Pizza Express, Patisserie Valerie and the Giraffe chain

“I think it will be a lot worse this winter because people can’t go out in the sun and treat it like an extended sabbatical

He says his main problem with the government’s strategy is that there is no clear “exit plan” for the pandemic and coronavirus restrictions

“Before we were told it was in a few weeks, and we suspect it might take a few months If Christmas is canceled, that’s it for many companies,” warns M Johnson

Frances Bishop, 29, founded South Yorkshire-based children’s chain The Pud Store five years ago

“I feel like I’m in a dictatorship I know they say they review level 3 rules every 28 days, but there has been no communication from the groups consulting firms on what they base these restrictions on, ”says Bishop, who owns three stores

“It feels like you are being asked to run a business, pay your taxes, pay your staff and try to keep your head above water, in a burning and darkened room by smoke “

She says a big problem is that shops are allowed to open, but customers are not allowed to come, so footfall has “fallen off a cliff”

The situation has had an impact on her mental health, and Ms Bishop says she has never felt more alone as a business owner, at a time when her employees are seeking leadership and support.

“I watch my life’s work come undone every day and throw it all in,” she says

Charlie Mullins, boss of Pimlico Plumbers, says government “must listen to businesses and people in the real world”

He believes another lockdown “will end many businesses” and also worries about the toll of coronavirus restrictions on people’s well-being

“They’re basically going the wrong way The virus is going to be there for a while, we have to learn how to get around it, we can’t get there,” he told the BBC

“We have to protect the elderly and the vulnerable, of course, but we have to get back to work”

M Mullins said his company attended more than 200,000 home visits during the pandemic and that no employee or customer had contracted the coronavirus

“The last leave program they did was too generous, it created an atmosphere of ‘I want to work from home and stay at home'”, he says

“Boris must stand firm and ignore the fear addicts who want to play Russian roulette with our economy”

Businesses have been telling the BBC since September that they are worried about Christmas – traditionally the most important time of year for the hospitality, retail and event industries

“People are trying to book Christmas parties, we don’t know if we can accept them – it tends to be a total disaster The hospitality industry can’t afford to have a poor December this year, ”says Gary Forrest, Managing Director of The High Street Group, which owns a large chain of bars, restaurants and hotels in the North East of England

M Forrest was particularly frustrated that pubs and restaurants like his had invested in measures to protect their customers, but now the industry “appears to be bearing the brunt of government restrictions”

“They told us to turn on table service – and the cost of table service is huge, your salary costs are increasing exponentially – and all the technology changes, but then they come in again and say, shut up bars at 10 pm ”, he says

M Forrest wants to see a system where sites are certified by local authorities and regularly checked to ensure compliance with safety rules

And he wants more support for businesses and sites in areas of the UK where restrictions are in place but fail to achieve a full lockdown with mandatory closures

Debbie Marks is Managing Director of Qube Events, one of the North’s largest luxury event companies hosting large-scale weddings, corporate events, private parties and galas – and now specialists Christmas decoration

“We need to lift restrictions on how many people can attend an event, because 15 people are really not viable for our industry – but we need to end the pandemic, so if a lockdown is what we have need, then that’s what to do “

Ms Marks says she already has a backlog full of events starting next March and the UK needs to get through the pandemic to the other side so the event industry can pick up

“I am stunned by the support the government has not given to our industry We have been completely ignored and we are a billion pound industry,” she explains

A government spokesperson said: “At all stages we have been guided by medical and scientific advice and have taken the necessary steps to rightly strike a balance between job protection, the economy and saving lives

“We have always been clear that we are constantly monitoring these measures so that they are not in place any longer than necessary”

Prime Minister speaks at new conference to detail a planned four-week lockdown in England

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