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157 p.m. GMT13: 57

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156 p.m. GMT13: 56

83 min: Saints see this game in a very calm and deliberate style. They were very impressive from start to finish

154 p.m. GMT13: 54

81 min: Adams looks down to the right but can’t quite push himself into the pits He was lively this afternoon with no personal reward Scotland could be value for money this summer if he bonds with Armstrong

153 p.m. GMT13: 53

80 min: Diallo has a rake from 25 meters from the corner It’s miles to the left The saints could have had a hatred today Imagine they lost 9-0 and won 9-0 in the same season!

151 p.m. GMT13: 51

79 min: Armstrong was excellent this afternoon He storms right after turning into space He reaches the edge of the area and tries to knock Adams in but has to be content with a corner

150 p.m. GMT13: 50

150 p.m. GMT13: 50

77 min: Both Southampton central defenders are booked, so Ralph Hasenhuttl plays it safe and replaces Bednarek and Vestergaard with Stephens and Salisu

148 p.m. GMT13: 48

75 min: Armstrong begins a maradonaesque run along the inner right channel, from his own half to the edge of the Bournemouth box.He can’t quite make room for a shot, so he shoves the ball to the left at Redmond, who rolls a shot millimeters from the right post That would have been another picture book target

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73 min: Armstrong shoots a shot to the bottom right Begovic does very well to tip it over the post. Ward-Prowse’s corner is easy to clear

144 p.m. GMT13: 44

72 min: Armstrong was his usual livewire self all afternoon. He’s dribbling hard on the Bournemouth backline The Saints don’t seem in the mood to settle for three

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142 p.m. GMT13: 42

69 min: Saints have already scored three goals ahead in the FA Cup Tranmere returned in 2001 to stun Glenn Hoddle’s crew Paul Rideout was the hat-trick hero for Rovers that day, Bournemouth doesn’t seem to have the magic to conjure up any consolation, no matter a miracle

139 pm GMT13: 39

139 pm GMT13: 39

66 min: Surridge leaves one on Bednarek who felt the game stop as he rolls around, waiting for the pain of impact to subside

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63 min: A head fight between Djenepo and Wilshere The saint has been worse off, and the doctors

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62 min: Armstrong plays left for Adams, who doesn’t have enough space for a shot, corner instead Southampton plays with a boast

133 p.m. GMT13: 33

60 min: Armstrong has an excavation from a narrow angle on the left Wide The Saints are everywhere Give or take a few inches, they would be five gates higher They were great today Bournemouth not so much

132 p.m. GMT13: 32

This is no more than the Saints deserve Ward-Prowse separates ball possession in the lower left and crosses it deep Armstrong comes in late and crashes a shot from the bottom of the left post, pinging the ball back to Redmond who is so calm and deft threads down to the right, the only unguarded part of the gate, the Bournemouth box, otherwise a scene of great disorder. Nice finish!

130 p.m. GMT13: 30

57 min: So Bournemouth is still in. Looking to make a comeback, Surridge and Anthony come for Pearson and Riquelme

129 p.m. GMT13: 29

Ruler Guy has done again for the Saints Armstrong an inch or two offside in hand-to-hand combat

128 p.m. GMT13: 28

55 min: But that is being checked by VAR. A possible handball by Adams and Armstrong possibly offside

127 p.m. GMT13: 27

Bednarek blooters in the middle Adams and Armstrong bring it together The ball is passed to Adams to the right of the center He lashes deep and hard down to the left What a finish!

125 p.m. GMT13: 25

53 min: The corner is a waste of time The big picture: Bournemouth is finally threatened But wait

125 p.m. GMT13: 25

52 min: Wilshere slides a pass to the left for Solanke, who crosses deep. The Saints panic and defend themselves everywhere They can only half clear Stacey crosses from the right, forcing Walker-Peters to take a corner

123 p.m. GMT13: 23

50 min: Bournemouth looks livelier, presumably after Jonathan Woodgate told him what is what at halftime. You were very passive in the first half

121 p.m. GMT13: 21

48 min: Bournemouth needs something to happen quickly, and it almost does. A small space pocket for Wilshere, just to the left of the D He drops one shoulder and then lashes viciously to the top left. It’s only a few centimeters from curling up, but instead rattles the side net I’m not sure whether Begovic got there

120 p.m. GMT13: 20

46 min: Adams goes to the right and fights with Cook, who convicts him awkwardly.But the man of the saints has not made a decision and answers with a wonderful roar from EFF OFF, which is delivered with great feeling, just the right mix Anger and Disbelief Brian Blessed would be proud

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The brilliance of Nathan Redmond has put Saints in control of this quarterfinal throw in a goal not sidelined by the crafty VAR rulers, and this was a one-sided affair

11400:00 GMT13:02

Redmond complements his sensational support with an equally magical target of his own.He takes a loose ball and dribbles left to right in the style of George Best.He drops a shoulder, enters the box, and shoots a delicious shot over Begovic to the top left Was for a run!

113 p.m. GMT13: 01 p.m.

45 min: Vestergaard tries to get the ball out for a goal kick. Solanke robs him but can’t figure out what to do with the ball. Shoot or pass? There aren’t too many options and eventually Vestergaard makes up for his mistake by whipping the ball back and clearing

1259 p.m. GMT12: 59

43 min: Walker-Peters creams a long pass to the right so Adams can chase him. Carter-Vickers does just enough to bring the ball back to Begovic, but it was close

1257 p.m. GMT12: 57

41 min: Bournemouth tries to answer and draws a couple of triangles at speed, but it’s all in the middle of the park and they’re not going anywhere

1256 p.m. GMT12: 56

39 min: That was really a nice goal. What a run and pass from Redmond and the goal over Begovic, which rolled into the farthest corner, was something special

1254 p.m. GMT12: 54

but those efforts are all in vain.Redmond dribbles in the middle, then drifts a little to the left, attracting three players before rolling an exquisite defense splitter down the inner left channel for Djenepo to open his body and kick a precise, gentle one Curlers to the bottom right What a nice goal!

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