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The A83 Rest and Be Thankful has been closed and Scotrail has reported delays on a number of routes

At 3:00 p.m., the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (Sepa) confirmed that 38 flood warnings and warnings were in place across the country

Sepa flood manager Mark Franklin said: “Heavy rain and high winds are expected across much of Scotland on Saturday and Sunday

“Flooding from rivers and surface waters is possible over much of the southwest and west of Scotland, including Argyll, much of central Scotland and s ‘extending through Tayside to Angus and Aberdeenshire

M Franklin added that spray and waves along the Solway coast, the west coast, the Caithness, Sutherland and Moray coasts and around the Orkney and Shetland Islands can also cause problems.

In Aberdeen, the town hall was distributing sandbags due to a risk of flooding in the Footdee district of the city

Rail services from Queens Park to Glasgow were suspended for some time on Saturday after a trampoline blew across the line

The A83 and the old military road at the Rest and Be Thankful will remain closed for the remainder of Saturday and overnight due to “heavy rain”

About 53mm of rain fell on Friday evening and in the early hours of Saturday, and it was decided to close the old military road around 8:20 am after flooding in the area near the Croe River

Traffic is diverted via the usual standard bypass route on the A83, A82, A85 and A819 where additional patrols will be in place to help ensure the roads remain clear and safe

Eddie Ross, representative for the North West of Bear Scotland, said: “Since the closure this morning, two landslides have occurred over the A83 which have mainly been caught in the debris nets though let events continue

“The bad weather is expected to continue overnight, we will reassess the situation on Sunday at noon”

In the seaside town of Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute, footage of a road was closed after high winds caused part of a building to collapse

A resident said it looked like large pieces of masonry fell from a disused building that was in poor condition

Meanwhile, an open-air light show at Glasgow Botanic Gardens has been canceled due to stormy conditions

The organizers of GlasGLOW itison said in a statement: “There are currently high winds, and although the gardens themselves are safe, we have a lot of barriers in the gardens for social distancing, which are vulnerable. to strong winds

“We are absolutely devastated to have to cancel, especially in the short term, but the wind has picked up to a level where we have to be careful”

Prime Minister details four-week lockdown in England to try to keep rising coronavirus levels under control

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