Posted: 10:46 GMT, 3 January 2021 | Updated: 12:54 GMT, Jan. January 2021

Juventus will allow Paulo Dybala to leave the club this summer if he does not sign a new contract extension

The Serie A champions are preparing to offer the Argentine an extension of his current £ 6 million per year contract that expires in June 2022

Juventus offered Dybala a very lucrative deal in the summer of 2019, but it was turned down as his future at the club was questioned

Juventus will allow Paulo Dybala to leave the club this summer if he doesn’t sign a new deal

And Tuttosport has reported that the old lady is unwilling to haggle back and forth with the attacker and will allow him to leave if he doesn’t sign her final offer

It is believed that Juve will offer another £ 1.9 million a year to the 27-year-old, which would make him the club’s second highest earner with Matthijs de Ligt

According to reports in Italy, Dybala and his representatives will meet with Juventus this month to discuss his future and an exit is not pending before the end of this season

Juventus doesn’t want to haggle and allows them to leave if they don’t sign their final offer

He is in the middle of his fifth season at Allianz Stadium after moving £ 40million away from Palermo in 2015, Dybala has scored 97 goals in 240 games for the club

Dybala almost left Turin early last season and was heavily linked with moves to Manchester United and Tottenham, but a Premier League move collapsed and he pledged his loyalty to the club

Juventus are also said to be considering moving former Southampton striker Graziano Pelle in January to improve their attacking options

Andrea Pirlo’s team is far from the pace in Serie A this season It ushers in the new year on a low sixth place and is around 10 points behind the undefeated leaders AC Milan

They have scored fewer goals than any of the teams around them in the standings, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Alvaro Morata providing the vast majority of them

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