More relaxed Sunday brunch chat, plus celebrities, food, and alcohol wrestled by Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer

Today’s guests include Ricky Wilson, whose résumé ranges from The Kaiser Chiefs to assessing The Voice. He always seemed like an unusual rock / pop star to me. One of my most unforgettable appearances was the Kaiser Chiefs at the Eventim Apollo in See Hammersmith

I arrived late for reasons that were too long and boring to come here and took my seat in the front row of the balcony I was a bit upset because I was hoping to get one near the stage Having a good view of the band was already active but I looked and couldn’t see Ricky Wilson even though I could hear him clearly. Then I turned right and saw that he had left the stage, ran up the stairs and appeared next to me So I had a pretty good view

Also on Sunday brunch are singer Alexandra Burke, national actress Alison Steadman, presenter Laura Whitmore, and various amounts of music and chat from Glass Animals, Kings of Leon and Caleb Followill

Not to mention Sharon Rooney, who recently starred in Finding Alice, who will return for a second series and is also known for Two Doors Down and My Mad Fat Diary

Steadman told The Times last month how she coped with lockdown: “I’ve done a few jobs just enough to feel like I’m not going crazy”I recently spent a couple of days recording a piece of home for BBC Radio 4, and the other week I was doing voice-over for an NHS charity on my iPhone

During the first lockdown I made a Mr Punch doll It was the ideal because it takes a long time to make a paper mache doll You have to let it dry I painted and varnished it and then found some old velvet pillow cases for the costume I have Always loved to tinker “

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Ricky Wilson

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