Expect much better things from Rangers in the second half Gerrard could even make substitutions to shake this

Bitton takes a corner from six meters away Celtic has dominated possession, squeezed the space, tactically outperformed his opponents and scored all shots on goal but it’s still 0-0 Gerrard will be happy with the goal but too many of his Players did not show up

Lennon looks pretty stressed out on the bench at the moment. Christie shot a hopeful shot over the bar from a distance

What kind of device from Laxalt McGregor charges the ball field, it goes on and Morelos is behind. Laxalt has a slight advantage in chasing and slips in to take the ball away and kill the danger.

Kent couldn’t shield the ball well at all, and Rangers lose possession on the left flank too often. In fact, I’d say he was really bad at it and has lost almost every single fight he’s been involved in, either with a little control or not strong enough

Tavernier is now starting to push really high – something Rangers was missing today. The Celts are either pulling back easily or the Rangers are gaining territory. The big problem for Rangers, however, is that the receiving player, wherever they are, is Passing the ball when at least one Celtic man is firmly touched and unable to hold the ball

Davis hacks Ajer as he carries the ball out from behind and is posted. That looked sore, a lot of weight put on Ajer’s ankle

Rangers enjoy a bit of possession, but Celtic pushes them everywhere the ball goes and that causes the game to go backwards.Turnbull then wins the ball back in the final third, slipping into Griffiths with a smart back pass and Griffiths just misses the target Goldson did just enough to throw him off balance

Goldson plays a strong pass back to McGregor who hits him for the first time and perfectly finds a Rangers player on the left wing It’s a brilliant pass, especially for a goalkeeper on his weaker foot, McGregor seems the only Rangers today To be the player who showed up right

Rangers now have their wide forward lane to support in the defensive third so they have a 3v2 advantage on the wings, which has kept Frimpong and Laxalt from getting that far forward and means that Celtic needs to walk around more without invading

Soro has given away a few free kicks in the past few minutes and is lucky not to be booked for his next one. Morelos and Roofe have both complained to the referee about this

Rangers are struggling to keep the ball past halfway right now, playing from behind, but Celtic aggressively pushes into the other half and then doubles halfway through

WHAT A SAVE Impressive Griffiths finds the space to toss the ball from the edge of the area into the top corner and McGregor responds instantly, jumping over to his side to get a fingertip or two of the ball and him to the Turning Post That is superb

Celtic had 60 percent of the ball possession so far, but the statistic that is more interesting to me at the moment is the passing success. Rangers are 68 percent, Celtic 86 percent – the away team is in control, is calm and aggressive at the right time, Rangers rush and are pushed out

Turnbull whips the corner to the near post and Davis leads them backwards over his own box! It’s almost an own goal. Rangers break off the second corner, Kent runs into space after a clever pass from Roofe, then crosses and Celtic blocks Aribo from shooting in the area. Rangers keep the ball and work it far out, deep in the area in the box and MORELOS SHOOTS! Hits a defender’s leg and the ball rolls back to Celtic

Great run from Kent, who takes the ball from close to his own box in the last third, then passes to Aribo, who loses to Soro. Celtic wins the ball seconds after losing it here Rangers just aren’t in the game yet

Frimpong enters the penalty area, Christie and McGregor assist him, Laxalt walks in and it’s a corner

Rangers block halfway instead of pushing up, almost like their plan here is to pull Celtic out and then hit her at break

Celtic doubles against Rangers when they hand the ball out from behind. Frimpong and Christie team up to keep Kent from turning them Then Aribo and Kamara are surrounded in midfield until they win a free kick

Rangers are dominated right now and can’t really grip the ball Celtic finds room to keep the ball moving in the last third and McGregor has just shot a low shot from distance at goal that the Rangers hit McGregor Zum Fortunately, the ball flies far past the near post

Frimpong wasted a huge chance of crossing the ball without wrapping his foot around the ball and lifting it into McGregor’s gloves.The Celtic full-backs are advancing exactly as far as it takes for this system to work when Turnbull pressed central striker, flanked by Griffiths and Edouard in a 4-3-3 out of possession

This is such an offensive start to Celtic that I really wasn’t expecting you don’t give Rangers time on the ball – it’s the kind of game Ryan Jack would be useful in to take control of the pace

Kent meets Laxalt but loses and Celtic tries to break Kamara follows him and pollutes Bitton by reaching for the ball after a heavy touch

This is a great start from Celtic and a very nervous start from Rangers. A long ball forward is mistreated by Balogun, Turnbull picks it up and Celtic has three on three in the penalty area! He walks in to Christie, who immediately shoots it and McGregor forces the save, Turnbull offside

Frimpong is knocked to the ground by Morelos standing on his foot / ankle in this late challenge he should be booked for but the referee lets go of it this time The next one will be yellow It took him five minutes to admit something stupid do

Celtic brings a lot of players forward early, but Rangers block the space and win the ball back McGregor takes Celtic onto the court with a clever run, drifts past one, finds Edouard in space on the left and he’s in! EDOUARD SHOOOOTS, but it is saved by McGregord, the ball bounces off to McGregor, who shoots but is blocked, and then Edouard is one on one from two meters and again he is saved! Great goalkeeper from McGregor rescued from the offside flag

The game has started! Celtic start, pass the ball back and Bitton starts a long ball

I’m really concerned about Celtic that the Rangers are in control of the wide areas and the center of the pitch today. Very interested to see how the game tactically develops

Neil Lennon has just confirmed that Christopher Jullien will be injured for about three to four months, a real shame considering he’s only recently got back on the line that certainly means they’re looking for a center-back in the January window Declan Gallagher, anyone?

I’m a huge David Turnbull fan. He was absolutely gorgeous a season ago at Motherwell (was it last season? Feels like years!) and one of the best youngsters I’ve seen in a long time Sometimes you can Just tell a player he has it and Turnbull is one of the reasons why it took Lennon so long to get him on the team only the manager knows, but the most obvious reason for keeping him on the bench was an XI with Christie , Edouard and Rogic, all players who like to fall into the 10 room

Turnbull has that magical little ability of keeping control of time and space around him when he’s on the ball, and while that sounds like overly hyperbolic praise, you’ll notice it when he has the ball in the final third Defenders slide in, dive in, jump in his way, and Turnbull just drifts past them like he already knows what they’re going to do.He’s much more mobile than Rogic and doesn’t shoot every time he is within 30 yards like Christie around the gate is located

The plan with this 4-4-2 diamond shape that Celtic is playing is for Christie to assist on the right, attack Turnbull through the middle, and Edouard to drift into the left channel to help Laxalt so he can get into space The game continues on the other side

“We have to be the best version of ourselves, a lot of good teams have come here and caused us problems, but we have all done well individually and together I feel good, we will get what we want”

Sky Sports just showed off a beautiful little video about the Ibrox disaster that spoke to witnesses, those who fled, and tragically family members of those who didn’t bring things into perspective after all it’s just a game

The only thing that can really work for Celtic today is if Christie and McGregor can work with Laxalt and Frimpong in these vast areas that would cause problems on attack, but leave the center of the pitch vulnerable – and that’s where all the Rangers are -Player

Both teams will rely heavily on their full-backs to come forward today – both teams’ forms are very tight and without those runs the width will be limited. Barisic and Tavernier are the two best full-backs in the country and play most games regularly in the opposing half I think the reason Laxalt is in today is to give Celtic the attack width on the left

While Celtic’s 4-4-2 diamond relies on Christie and McGregor switching channels, McGregor isn’t that much of a player so he may not do it the way the system depends Christie will drift to the right wing, Turnbull is 10, Soro will sit in front of the center-backs. Rangers are much more even

I’m not entirely convinced that Lennon picked the right setup for this game, time will tell!

And Celtic has a back four. It could be a midfield diamond with really advanced full-backs

Today is 50 years of age Times the Ibrox disaster in 1971, in which 66 people died in a swarm trying to leave the stadium

50 years ago 66 fans went to a soccer game and never came home We will always remember ð ?????? ImageTwittercom / uXZelfIjUR

Roddy Forsyth wrote this piece before tonight’s game about how attention gotten to the tragedy:

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Rangers vs Celtic, a traditionally friendly affair played at a relaxed pace, and joking aside, the absence of fans of Ibrox could have an impact on how this game is played, and decrease the number of “let him know you’re there” tackles and the frenzied pace we often see in these games, but there is so much driving with the outcome that it will most likely be minimal

This game will tell us a lot. Are Rangers really that much better than Celtic? Or have the champions just gone through a really bad couple of weeks? Can Neil Lennon find a way to cause Steven Gerrard’s side issues, especially when no one seems sure what the best Celtic XI is and Rangers never concede goals? Defense has been her great strength this season An organized, even defense conceded just five goals in 21 games. It’s an incredibly impressive record. This is what Gerrard had to say about today’s game:

“I would be very happy with the three points, but I would stay balanced and humble with my feet on the ground. It’s January and there are many difficult challenges and hurdles to overcome Whatever the result, we will make the best possible progress. We will of course do everything we can to take advantage of this opportunity

“Of course we want to extend our lead, but if we can do that, nobody will be carried away

“I think if you as a player are not looking forward to this game as the season has gone so far, then you have a big problem myself, the staff, the players, once St Mirren was done, the focus was directly on Celtic

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to perform and try to build our lead. There we are and we want to try to grab it with both hands

“If you have one percent of you that is not looking forward to this game, you are in the wrong football club and working under the wrong manager. We are preparing for a tough game, a big challenge, we are playing against a good team “

The starting gun will be given at 12:30 p.m. You can watch the game live on Sky Sports and read live updates and analysis here on this blog

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