However, due to low stock levels and overwhelming demand from around the world, it was extremely difficult to find

But the good news is that more inventory is apparently being flooded into the UK and more consoles are falling from major retailers

However, it appears it was a false positive as tons of gamers breathed a sigh of relief

A stock tracker said “Sorry guys, looks like a false positive for #Shopto Just setup monitoring for them this morning and the button said” Register “, it seems that the switch to” Sold Out ”

Another stock tracker wrote, “Okay, Stock hasn’t fallen on shopto yet, they just made changes to the add-to-cart that our bots picked up! Nobody missed it! Keep this page just in case in the eye! “

Meanwhile, eight upcoming PS5 drops were revealed from a tracker account on Twitter before the weekend

While GAME and Smyths are sold out this week, there are further drops across the country

One tracker revealed, “Just to let you know retailers have yet to drop this month March, we still have plenty of time in the month to get a PS5 So don’t worry “


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