Thandiwe Newton surprised us all when she revealed that her name has been casually spelled for 30 years

The actress, formerly known as Thandie Newton, has announced that she is proud to recapture her original name after it was misspelled in the credits of her first film in 1991

When she was a little-known actress, Thandiwe happened to play a character of the same name in Flirting. While the character was correctly listed as “Thandiwe”, the actress herself was credited as “Thandie” and she simply chose not to do it in the future correct

When Thandiwe thought about the mistake, he told Vogue magazine: “This is my name, it has always been my name, I take back what is mine’

In the interview, Thandiwe also recalled her rise to fame and the abuse she suffered trying to make it in Hollywood at a young age

The crash actress revealed, “There’s a moment when my mind changed, you know, And then I was 16 He completely derailed me from myself I was traumatized It sure was some kind of PTSD

“I was so upset and appalled that a director molested a young actress and that it happened elsewhere, minors were molested and how damn it was I was basically waiting for someone to come along and say,” Well what shall we do about it? ”

The 48-year-old continued, “I have a seventh sense of abuse and abuse that I believe is one of the reasons I was turned down a lot in Hollywood and I’ll talk about it until the cows get home come because I know I will help someone ‘

Fortunately, Thandiwe was able to overcome rejection of becoming one of Britain’s most successful black blockbuster stars with roles in Mission: Impossible 2, Westworld, The Pursuit of Happiness, 2012 and Solo: A Star Wars Story

Thandiwe will star in Reminiscence alongside Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson, the sci-fi drama that follows a private investigator who uncovered a violent conspiracy and helps clients regain lost memories

The full feature is available for digital download in the May issue of UK Vogue and will be available on Friday the 9th April, at the kiosk

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