The Great on Channel 4 is a highly anticipated Russian historical comedy-drama starring a few big stars including Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning

Written by the Oscar-winning The Favorite, it is meant to offer a raunchy version of the legendary monarch

The series is touted as a somewhat absurd, slightly surreal, and gendered interpretation of this period of Russian history

The Great premiered in America last year and is only loosely based on the life and time of Catherine The Great in the 18th century Century

Elle’s previous credits, Dakota Fanning’s younger sister, can be seen in Maleficent and its sequel, as well as Super 8 and The Neon Demon

Elle said, “We wanted to make sure we were creating our version of Catherine and the essence of that person, but with all of the things she did”

She continued, “It is true she is the longest ruler of Russia. She brought female education, arts and science to Russia, variolation (vaccination) [of] the smallpox”

He became famous back in 2001 when he starred alongside Hugh Grant in the comedy hit About A Boy

He starred in the teen hit Skins and is now a Hollywood star thanks to his roles in four X-Men films and the surprise zombie hit Warm Bodies

Other actors are Phoebe Fox from Black Mirror as Marial, Sacha Dhawan from Iron Fist as Orlo and Adam Godley from Breaking Bad as Archie

The Great

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