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Released in 1980, Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” is considered by many to be one of the greatest horror films ever made

Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd and Scatman Crothers starred in the film, based on a Stephen King novel

Since the release of “The Shining”, some of its stars, like Nicholson and Duvall, have continued to act, while others, like Lloyd, have taken a step back from Hollywood

Here’s what the cast of “The Shining” has been up to since its release

Jack Torrance is a writer and recovering alcoholic taking a job as a winter guard at the Overlook Hotel

While he initially considers using the isolation of the winter months to work on his writing, strange events and evil spirits in the hotel ultimately lead him to attempt to murder his wife, Wendy. , and his son, Danny

After his role in “The Shining”, Nicholson starred in films like “Terms of Endearment”, “Batman”, “A Few Good Men”, “Something’s Gotta Give” and “The Departed”

Over the years, Nicholson has been nominated for 12 Oscars, winning three times: in 1976 for his role in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, in 1984 for “Terms of Endearment” and in 1998 for “As Bon as it becomes “

Nicholson has taken a hiatus in recent years, but has made appearances on shows like “Saturday Night Live” and was even featured in a 2016 HBO documentary about boxer Muhammad Ali

Wendy initially supports Jack’s plan to make a fresh start at the Overlook Hotel But after mysterious forces start tormenting Danny, she becomes suspicious of Jack and tries to escape

One of the film’s most iconic scenes shows Wendy hiding in a bathroom, only for Jack to cut the door with a hatchet and barge in

At the end of the movie, Wendy and Danny can escape the Overlook – leaving Jack to freeze to death in the hotel maze

Following her role in “The Shining”, Duvall starred as Olive Oyl in the live-action movie “Popeye”, and also appeared in films like “The Portrait of a Lady” and ” Tale of the Mummy “”

Duvall’s last role was in the 2002 independent film “Manna from Heaven” She has remained largely out of the limelight in the years since

In 2016, Duvall was the subject of an hour-long segment for “Dr. Phil,” in which she appeared neglected and disoriented.After the segment aired, people expressed concern for Duvall on social media and condemned “Dr Phil” for apparently taking advantage of the aging actress

Danny is the son of Jack and Wendy who has telepathic powers, called “brilliant” by the cook of the Overlook Hotel, Dick Hallorann

While at the hotel, Danny encounters several evil spirits, including the infamous Grady twins, and has terrifying visions of death and destruction

He finally managed to escape the Overlook with his mother at the end of the movie

After his appearance in a made-for-television movie in 1982, Lloyd stepped away from the limelight and told the New York Daily News in 2013 that he was leading “a fairly normal life now”

The former actor is now a biology professor at a community college outside of Louisville, Ky. He made a small appearance in the 2019 film “Doctor Sleep,” which focused on the adult version of his character “Shining” Danny

Ewan McGregor played the adult Danny in the film, but Lloyd can be spotted among a crowd of onlookers at a baseball scene

Hallorann is the only one who is aware of Danny’s telepathic gift, which he describes as “brilliant.” He tries to protect Danny from the sinister forces at play in the hotel and helps him deal with the horrible things he see

After leaving the hotel for the season, Hallorann returns after having a hunch that something really is wrong with the Overlook During his attempt to save Danny, he is killed with an ax by a delusional Jack

Qualifying for his role in “The Shining”, Crothers has made appearances on shows like “Magnum PI” and “Taxi”

He continued to star in films until his death, appearing in “Bronco Billy”, “Zapped !,” “Twilight Zone: The Movie” and others

Grady makes a first appearance when Jack meets him at an otherworldly party in the hotel’s Gold Room.It implies that Grady was once a hotel keeper, but died there after being brutally murdered his wife and twin daughters

Later in the movie, Grady tells Jack he needs to “correct” Wendy and Danny’s behavior, and ends up freeing him from the pantry where Wendy had locked him.

In one of the scariest scenes of the film, Lloyd pours Jack several drinks while listening to him complain about his marriage and his relationship with Danny

In addition to his role in “Blade Runner”, Turkel also starred in the 1990 horror film “The Dark Side of the Moon” “

The twins make a brief but memorable appearance in “The Shining” when Danny meets them on one of his bike rides around the hotel

They invite Danny to ‘come play’ with them, but after seeing gruesome images of their bloodied and mutilated bodies in the same hallway, he closes his eyes and leaves

It was later revealed that the twins were murdered by their father, Delbert Grady, while working as a guard at the Overlook

According to the Daily Mail, Lisa is now a lawyer, while Louise has decided to pursue a scientific career

But the sisters remember their time on set in tweets posted to their Twitter account

They told Cosmopolitan in 2019 that their roles in “The Shining” weren’t difficult to film because they were both “naturally scary”


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