S Club 7 star Rachel Stevens is married to actor Alex Bourne, whom she first dated when she was 12

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Rachel Stevens made it her business to marry her childhood sweetheart, whom she first dated when she was 12 years old

The 42-year-old has been married to actor Alex Bourne since 2009 but has now revealed how the couple met three decades ago

Former S Club 7 member Rachel went to Loose Women Tuesday afternoon where she talked about the downsides to fame before a controversial new documentary about Britney Spears aired in the UK

She shared with Charlene White, Denise Welch, Janet Street-Porter and former S Club Juniors member Frankie Bridge about how she and Alex had reconnected after years apart

She said, “We were boyfriend and girlfriend when we were 12 We were boyfriend and girlfriend over and over through our teens until I got into the band and he went and did his stuff

“Then we ran into each other by chance in our late twenties, and by that point I had sworn off men, but it was really nice to see him

“But I was going to LA at the time, so no, but then we reconnected. We obviously had all this story and now the rest of the story is history”

Sweet Dreams My ex-hitmaker Rachel from LA posted a great tribute to her husband on Valentine’s Day and posted a series of photos of herself through her lifelong relationship with her 208000 Instagram followers shared

She wrote: “Puppy love, young love, first love, true love, love forever and ever Happy Valentines Day”, tagged her friend

Talking about her sanity as part of one of the world’s greatest bands of the ’90s and’ 00s, Rachel told the ITV show, “In a band like S Club we were marketed in front of a very young audience and it was very shiny and happy and everyone saw the kind of polished end product and we were very packed

“Underneath all of this, there was a lot going on with my things and my emotions and my things that were going on

“Once the camera is on and [you] go ahead and sing Reach, put on a smile and put on a show but there is obviously a lot going on behind the scenes “

When asked if she was ready for the kind of exposure S Club 7 brought her at such a young age, she said, “I don’t know. It’s a tough one

“I came to the S Club at a time when I was going through a lot of emotional turmoil, my family was all broken up, we had lost our home, I was pretty much alone and just with my friends, working and internalizing all of these things

“I got into the band and it was so exciting and a total escape from all that stuff but at the same time it allowed me to push all that stuff down even more”

Rachel Stevens

World News – GB – Rachel Stevens from S Club 7 lovingly opens the marriage with her child treasure

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