Annastacia Palaszczuk won the Queensland election, the result showing the Queenslanders had a clear message to the rest of Australia

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk won the 2020 state election in a landslide, becoming the first woman re-elected to a third term in the state

Ms Palaszczuk’s handling of the pandemic was key to her re-election Image: NCA NewsWire / Dan Peled Source: News Corp Australia

Annastacia Palaszczuk persuaded the people of Queensland to give her Labor Party another four years in power thanks to her handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic collapse

The widely declared victory in Saturday’s national election rounds off a stunning comeback for the PM, who edged out LNP challenger Deb Frecklington earlier in the year

Ms Palaszczuk said she was ‘deeply moved’ that the people of Queensland had placed their trust in her to lead the state for a third term

Delivering his acceptance speech, the returning PM said the Sunshine State looked down on his critics and came out the other side

“It is an incredible privilege and I promise you that I will roll up my sleeves tomorrow, go back to work and continue to build a better Queensland,” she said

Ms Palaszczuk said if people across the state continued to work together, they would emerge on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic

“There has never been a time like this in our lives and I hope we come out stronger and better,” she said

But when the health crisis sparked hysteria and led to massive job losses, the incumbent government succeeded in convincing voters it was capable of pulling the Sunshine State out of recession

“They framed the campaign around a referendum on leadership and, below, on the management and economic management of COVID-19,” said Griffith University political scientist Dr Paul Williams

“The polls approve of Palaszczuk’s leadership over Frecklington, they approve of the Labor Party’s economic management over the LNP and, in particular, the Labor Party’s plan against the LN”

Throughout the four-week campaign, Ms Palaszczuk and her staunch Deputy and Minister of Health Steven Miles have relied heavily on their commitment to keeping Queenslanders safe through tight border restrictions

When the PM and other interstate rivals berated the state’s Labor government for opening up, they stood their ground and won the hearts and minds of their constituents

“They convinced the critical mass of Queenslanders that closing the borders was the right thing to do,” Dr Williams told NCA NewsWire

In general, this is the LNP that is relied on for conservative and stable fiscal policies, but Dr Williams said the Queenslanders have looked to Ms Palaszczuk’s team to lead the recovery

“The Labor Party presented itself as a conservative party for the status quo – it is reliable, and the LNP had to go out on a limb and be the party of the vision,” he said. p>

After Scott Morrison and other Liberal leaders called for open borders, state opposition leader was taken on the wrong side of the debate

“Frecklington had several border posts and it didn’t work out well for her,” said Dr Williams, saying the LNP has been “pretty resilient while the Labor Party has been tough”

Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington was unable to force a change of government Image: NCA NewsWire / Dan Peled Source: News Corp Australia

The opposition tried to look past the onset of the pandemic and focused on a narrative that the Labor government’s mismanagement had stifled business growth, regularly citing Queensland’s unemployment rate as the worst in the country

But Dr Williams said the extraordinary economic collapse caused by the coronavirus crisis gave policymakers a free pass on debt, deficit and unemployment

The job has successfully won another four years in office thanks to its handling of the virus Photo: Angela Weiss / AFPSource: AFP

Ms Palaszczuk’s victory could give a glimpse into the future for other Australian political leaders who hope to retain power in the next election

As Prime Minister during the coronavirus crisis, the Queensland leader has been transferred to salons and online daily to provide updates on the virus and related health policies

This raised his profile and gave him an authoritative role, says Juliet Pietsch, a political behavior specialist at Griffith University

“These announcements had such a big impact on everyone’s daily life – if they could cross borders, if they could work, if they could return home,” she said

Labor, especially Ms Palaszczuk and Health Minister Steven Miles, took advantage of the captive public to reveal their own policies

Every day, the Prime Minister would have the full attention of viewers to provide an overnight update on virus numbers and make direct comparisons to other countries with horrific rates of infections and death

It allowed her to keep the message – constantly reminding Queensland that she had kept them safe and that she was the strongest leader

“You don’t often have this with political policy announcements,” said Ms. Pietsch “You have no other choice staring you in the face -“ that’s what we will be if you don’t do not accept this policy, we will be in Melbourne, New York or elsewhere “

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