Raw, imperturbable, and admirably uncompromising, tonight’s Covid-focused accident episode would never be a simple watch

After a four month hiatus, Casualty has returned to our screens with one of the most powerful episodes yet, kicking off its brand new series with a bang.The special edition examined the pandemic through the lens of the emergency room staff who are facing the greatest challenge of their careers and hers And when 55 minutes had passed, it was clear that the hospital would never be the same again

While Dylan and Jacob both made full recoveries from the virus, Noel did so, devastatingly – an end to his 12 years on the show As the dust settles in the wrung-out ED, let’s take a look at the seven ways with which this empty episode created new stories for the coming weeks – and beyond

Noel, the popular Casualty receptionist, was the first soap character in the UK to die of coronavirus tonight – and the hospital will never be the same again

Tony Marshall has played kindhearted Noel since 2008, and his hard-hitting death will, unsurprisingly, shake the ED to the core

“Not only was Noel a big part of the casualty family, Tony Marshall was a popular behind the scenes member of the casualty family for a long time,” show boss Loretta Preece told Digital Spy. “It’s always sad when one popular character moves on, but the fact that Noel was so involved with the department and loved by the audience is part of what makes his death at Covid so impressive

“The people who died from this terrible disease this year are all people like Noel, loved by colleagues and whose families love them. The fact that Noel will never see his grandchild is one of the most heartbreaking aspects of his Death There were real tears on set as we shot Tony’s final scenes and he will be missed immensely “

Today’s episode started a big show for Connie in which she will grapple with the devastating consequences of the tough choices she had to make, retrospective scenes at the beginning told us that Connie was grieving and guilty of losing one of her own was, but Noel’s identity as a tragic victim only became clear at the end

In tonight’s emotional scenes, Connie thought deeply about why she wanted to go to emergency medicine in the first place – and told Will that her father had died alone in a hospital corridor abroad

The devastating wreckage of the pandemic brought back those painful memories for Connie, who was then pushed to the breaking point when she finally had to call Noel’s fate, which will play out in the new series, with Amanda Mealing – who plays Connie – confirming that this is the beginning of another dark chapter for her long-suffering alter ego

“She takes the death of a team member personally,” said Amanda. “She takes personal responsibility for it and it weighs heavily on her”

They just got back together, but tears were already showing in Connie’s and Jacob’s reignited romance tonight.When Connie collapsed under pressure, she faced a tough showdown with Jacob – who wanted to address the undeniable fact that Covid was people from ethnic minorities more influenced

“When will we do something about the fact that this virus is affecting ethnic minority people more than anyone else?” Jacob said to Connie

“The most vulnerable roles are disproportionately occupied by ethnic minority people,” he continued. “I talk about the NHS, society in general – and I talk about Noel Nobody takes care of them, nobody protects them is ours Life doesn’t matter? Isn’t my life important? “

Jacob was horrified when Connie couldn’t and didn’t want to offer him the support he needed, and unfortunately their relationship will actually come off the rails next week

“Connie and Jacob are starting off strong, but you will see in the Covid episode that she cannot forgive herself for abandoning part of the team,” said Amanda. “She has a feeling that she is not having a good time and living the high life by what she sees as her failure. You and Jacob will always be on and off, but Connie can’t afford to have anything good in her life “

It has already been confirmed that Connie’s 16-year-old daughter Grace will return at the beginning of the next series Today’s episode sets the scene for the troubles ahead

With Connie facing challenging months as she came to terms with Noel’s death – and everything else that happened – Grace’s decision to move home may be a little out of date

“We have these dramas about Connie who has a young girl who is no longer a kid and doesn’t need teddy bears,” Amanda told Digital Spy. “She goes out at night and Connie tries to keep her at bay – we have them all the stuff going on it’s fun “

A frustrated will hit his boss, Connie, in the aftermath of tonight and asked her why they weren’t protected with adequate PPE. He also pointed out that the “instructions” had left them unprotected for weeks and raised them tedious and inhuman hours that the employees had to work

Let’s not forget that this particular scene was set at the height of the pandemic last spring, and it reflected the very real and very frightening situation many of our NHS staff found themselves in

Unfortunately, but not entirely surprising, Will’s frustrations will continue into the next week’s episodes as he makes a life-changing decision after another encounter with Connie

Jade faced an unprecedented challenge tonight when she struggled to communicate with her colleagues using PPE

Back in July, Jade was the focus of a groundbreaking episode written, directed and acted by deaf writers and actors with this in mind, the show will continue to explore in its next series the impact the pandemic had on lip readers through it

In today’s scenes, Jade was frustrated when she was forced to adopt a slightly different rule, prompting her kind hearted friend Robyn to learn some basic sign language

“Jade is a very important character on the show and we will surely do more with her,” show boss Loretta Preece recently told us. “We have a really interesting story for her that we are filming

“The pandemic and especially wearing PPE and masks has been extremely challenging for lip readers like Jade, whom we addressed in the Covid episode”

Fenisha’s pregnancy story still continues, but has been subtly pushed into the background tonight so that she can take center stage in the weeks ahead instead

When the pandemic hit the hospital, a concerned Fenisha told Jan she needed to go home and isolate herself and gave a cover story on why

This has allowed Fenisha’s baby secret to be kept a secret for the time being, but the coming episodes explore the great consequences of the lies she told Ethan when the truth begins to unravel

Similar to today’s scenes, Casualty will play with the times again in the coming episodes so that viewers can see how Fenisha’s story developed over the spring and summer

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