In his new series, Sir David Attenborough focuses on landscapes as well as wildlife Here’s a look at the locations

For the past six decades, Sir David Attenborough has shared stories of exotic creatures from around the world, but this year, like so many of us, he spent time studying a habitat closer to home: his garden

“I can’t remember taking three walks a day almost every day this spring,” says the Richmond, London resident. “I was more aware of flowers opening, buds forming and birds arriving, than ever before. It was wonderful ”

From the blazing sun that energizes our earth to weather patterns that continuously change the landscape, powerful phenomena have made the earth a warm and stable environment – the perfect place to live. These geosciences are the subject of the new Natural history series A Perfect Planet Produced by Silverback Films and told by Attenborough, the five episodes in turn examine volcanoes, oceans, weather, sun and people

We see camels in the Mongolian desert quenching their thirst from Siberian snowdrifts Lizards that choose to incubate their eggs in the base of active volcanic craters; and aquaphobic crabs that breed in the sea.But in addition to celebrating the wonders of our wild world, the series looks at its fragility, which is summed up in the final episode, which focuses on the youngest, most powerful and potentially destructive force in nature: humans p>

“The planet I saw as a young man has changed beyond recognition,” says Attenborough. “When the Arctic melts, the seas will rise and the cities will flood This is not HG Wells. It is not science fiction, but it is As with our thriving appreciation for nature emerging from a pandemic, there is hope. “We still have a chance to prevent this from happening,” he says. The first step is to understand the forces that shape our existence by extraordinary habitats are discovered that are more fascinating than the animals that live there. Here is our guide to the most important locations

The architects of our planet, volcanoes, created 80 percent of the earth’s surface by emitting carbon dioxide to create a balanced, breathable atmosphere, and 20 percent of all species to create unique homes. One of these creatures is the smaller flamingo; Up to two million nest on Lake Natron in the shadow of one of Africa’s most active volcanoes, Ol Doinyo Lengai.The film crew braved boiling mud pools and soda flats that were as corrosive as household bleach and used a hovercraft, skins and drones to catch chicks, who ran to safety on the lakeshore while marauding marabou storks were pursued

“It’s one of the most extraordinary sequences,” says Sir David Attenborough. It’s impressive to see the pink birds swirl over a rainbow of chemical colors An activity offered by private safari guide Alex Hunter

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Volcanoes that vent fire, pressure, and anger from the Earth’s core can be extremely destructive – but they also have the power to create life on Fernandina, the youngest island in the Galapagos chain000 land iguanas undertake a 10-day hike to the top of La Cumbre and incubate their eggs in the ashes of the crater floor

“One of the biggest challenges when filming in the Galapagos Islands is seclusion,” says serial producer Huw Cordey, who has also traveled to Wolf Island to film vampire finches that feed on the blood of the Nazca boobies

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A ball of fire so powerful that it can generate more energy in an hour than humanity uses in a year The sun drives growth and tinkers with the seasons – but it can also burn life.In Morocco’s Western Sahara desert, only robust creatures can withstand the intense heat and adapt to a beautiful setting with changing shadows and dunes. A surprisingly tougher survivor is the silver ant, whose vitreous hairs reflect light and enable them to drive over sand at 70 ° C at 855 millimeters per second

“They are like astronauts in silver spacesuits here on Earth,” says episode producer Nick Jordan. “I walked with an ant that was traveling at an incredible pace and followed it back to its almost invisible hole. It was really incredible, this one Experience navigation performance ”

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Our polar regions rotate around an inclined axis and immerse themselves in extreme areas of light and dark, creating inhospitable living spaces for humans. The beauty of these pristine spaces is heartwarming, although it is cool to the core

“After working with wolves in the northern hemisphere and seeing them as hideous and elusive species, it was fascinating to see how they behave when no one has hunted them,” says cameraman Rolf Steinmann, who claims that Having unofficially broken the world record for the coldest drone flight in history on Canada’s Ellesmere Island, 500 miles from the North Pole, Lake Ennadai is more accessible – but still remote – and also offers excellent sightings of arctic wolves

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Attenborough has traversed most of the world but one destination remains on his wish list: the Gobi Desert. “I probably won’t be sent there because there aren’t many animals, but there are fossils and I would like to go,” muses The crew managed to defeat several of the last 1Locating 000 wild Bactrian camels in the world who find water by eating snow from Siberia

“We’d drive for days without seeing any other living thing,” says episode producer Ed Charles. “It was a very strange feeling to be in an environment where literally no sound other than the whisper of the wind could be heard No birds, not even the hum of an insect. I’ve never been to a place that felt more like the surface of another planet ”

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Every November, the monsoon rains spur 43 million red crabs to embark on an epic migration from the highland forests to the coast of Christmas Island, which eventually spawns at the highest tide in the Indian Ocean

Finding the right night and the best beach was tough for cameraman Sophie Darlington. “Trying not to step on her was another big challenge,” she recalls. “It’s not a good idea, your prime talent We did a very good job of raking the ground to rid it of crabs. “Aside from the spectacle of red waves that flood the land, the destination of these crustaceans is impressive.” Nothing will stop this centimeter-high festival on the beach I have their wobbling and dancing loved on the water, ”says Darlington with a laugh

Although five oceans envelop our blue planet, they belong to a body of water A nutrient-rich freeway with currents feeds life forms so curious they could belong in space A colorful figure is the extravagant male octopus, a 2-inch-long master the camouflage that impresses his partner with lively representations. He walks slowly over a strange seabed and can immediately change his appearance

“As soon as they got used to our presence, they took on their lighter colors and showed an ever-changing display of white, purple, yellow and black,” says episode producer Ed Charles, who filmed the animals in Indonesia when you were a woman Lembeh Straits has some of the best dung diving spots, where eye-catching octopus can often be found

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Oceans can plunge to unfathomable depths, but action also takes place in the shallows. Off the coast of Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef, black tip sharks and mackerelfish form an impressive predatory powerhouse when they team up to hunt schools of hardyheads

“The sharks would flock to the beach so they could get a swig of the sand,” explains Ed Charles. “Any hardyhead that escaped panicked and fled into deeper water where the mackerel fish were waiting for them” It is proof, as Attenborough notes, that “you don’t have to be a great underwater swimmer to see the wonder of a thriving coral reef “He highlights the water forests as a place he would like to visit” over and over again “- but laments that they are likely to be the first victims of global warming

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Species evolved and grown accustomed to the forces of nature over millions of years, but there is one superpower so dominant that it could destroy anything: us

“There are three times as many people on this planet as there were when I started my television show,” says Attenborough, who co-stars with a marine biologist, economic economist, and climatologist for the final episode of the series Earth together, accelerating a mass extinction on a scale not seen in 65 million years, but there is a chance to redeem ourselves

“There is great inspiration for those fighting to save endangered species and declining habitats,” says episode producer Nick Jordan, who shadowed the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization that works to revive elephants orphaned by severe droughts and floods “When you hang out with a playful, innocent, and curious baby elephant who lost its mother, you must ask yourself how we brought our planet to such a state”

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