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All Elite Wrestling has been criticized for some of its bookings lately, and we’ve seen Shaquille O’Neal debut in the past few months Both Snoop Dogg and Mike Tyson get physically in the ring and now, the latest Paul Wight joke about a Hall of Fame-worthy debutante arriving at AEW Revolution, many have drawn comparisons to the late-stage madness of WCW, where celebrities and elders alike Talents ran amok while the full-time ticket was shunned and pushed asideThis comparison with WCW is worth considering for AEW management, but not a problem right now, let’s examine why

While it can (and certainly has been) claimed that AEW is at the mercy of its older talent, it couldn’t be further from the truth for sure, Chris Jericho was the first AEW World Champion at the age of 48, but this was a necessary one Decision to get some awareness and keep an eye on AEW’s product from the start AEW has a plan, a long-term plan that involves some tremendously talented young workers (more on that later)The fact that Jericho was world champion at his age doesn’t mitigate that fact, plus, members of a similar age have played the role of supporting cast Veterans often used them sporadically, either to rub less recognizable names or to put them in the ring.Dustin Rhodes and Billy Gunn are two name recognition workers who have adopted younger names Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Taz and Jake “The Snake” Roberts Effectively coached and mentored full-time workers in need of assistance, there is no problem with using AEW veterans

One of the things AEW deserves the most credit for is developing young talent Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, Anna Jay, Riho, Isiah Kassidy, Marko Stunt and others were virtual strangers before joining AEW and Dynamite Weekly Dark performed, all of them are either currently under 25 or were under 25 prior to signing with the company. This is a proven commendable effort by the AEW to develop their own young stars. Then there are such as Adam Page and MJF; Two other stars under the age of 30 (MJF is only 24) who found recognition before signing with AEW and have moved on from strength to strength, both of which are now certain future world champions, as seen just this week, Jade in particular has Cargill’s Potential to Be a Big Star for All Elite Wrestling, this is a young and talented roster who will not be wasted on AEW’s commitment to celebrities and veterans

Another polarizing decision by the AEW was their decision to deploy so many young Japanese talent, especially Joshi talents (Japanese female wrestlers)This decision shouldn’t be as polarizing as it is.To be honest, AEW uses so many Joshi talents because they are so good, many of them are young, hungry competitors who can excite audiences (Riho) and become excellent, worthy characters despite all language barriers (Maki Itoh)This also contributes to the international development of AEW The company is already well known in Japan as Kenny Omega is the most popular former IWGP heavyweight champion, there is no doubt that AEW will continue to expand into other markets such as the UK, China and other countries over time, but there is room for improvement here, because talent at the Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix ​​should be in a much better position than since their debut, they’re just too good to be stuck in the middle of the map for a lifetime

So far, celebrity involvement in AEW has not been an issue, in fact, it must be appreciated the sheer caliber of celebrity they attracted at such a young age, Shaq, Mike Tyson, and Snoop Dogg are each large parts of American pop culture, yes, they are older Celebrities but they still retain relevance now, plus their cameos were fun, Snoop Dogg performing everything that was made for a splash made for incredibly entertaining viewing, Shaq had a match that was far better than it could be this week He and Jade Cargill each drew credit for the formidable debut against Cody and Red Velvet, with the possibility that celebrity engagement will become increasingly problematic in the future if they persist more often than they should, but right now they’re managing that aspect just right, celebrities step in small, sporadic doses to boost ratings, and Shaq appears in a match that’s over 1.1 million viewers this week, it seems to be working

All elite wrestling is not flawlessThere has never been and never will be a perfect wrestling show Some may argue that it is far from perfect, however, it cannot be said that Tony Khan and his company are with the help of a posh group of veterans do a very good job of developing a future build on ratings (despite the pandemic) using pop culture icons; are working to become recognizable overseas and are constantly trying to sign well-known freelance agents who may bring something special to the show (Jon Moxley is a standout example)It’s hard to say what the AEW Revolution is expecting this Sunday, and it’s impossible to predict the Hall of Fame’s teased talent, one thing is for sure: right now, AEW is going in the right direction

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