Alex McLeish has suggested that Liverpool might be attracted to Raphinha on and off the ball due to the high speed of work of the Brazilian

The Leeds winger has been in great shape lately, posting seven Premier League goals in his last nine games

“Game changer, a game changer and we were talking about his work rate weeks ago when he lost the ball and chased a player straight to the other side of the pitch,” the former Scottish manager told Football Insider just that when the ball went he also chose to sometimes call the headless chicken, but he was in a position he could and it didn’t pull his defenders out of position to keep the opposition between them could kick ”

At the age of 24, the former Rennes man would be in a similar category to Diogo Jota as part of the future of Liverpool’s forward line with Mo Salah and Co occur all on the way to the 30s

As a transfer, it would make a lot of sense on paper to consider certain attributes and the current placement of the winger in a lower league in particular

In the Premier League with a contract until 2024, the striker would hardly be ridiculously cheap, although this is a potentially cheap option for the Reds compared to what other clubs might ask for a finished item

Should Divock Origi and Xherdan Shaqiri leave the club as suspects, we might be able to amass the necessary funds to move Raphinha


World News – UK – Alex McLeish explains why LFC may be interested in Raphinha