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MANCHESTER UNITED starlet Amad Diallo was fined £ 42 for arriving in Europe000 occupied

The young winger was born in Ivory Coast and traveled to Italy with his brother Hamed in 2015

The couple initially settled in the northern city of Parma, where prosecutors opened an investigation into their move last July

After more than five years on the books of Serie A club Atalanta, Diallo joined Manchester United for £ 37m in January

SunSport announced last year that claims centered on an indication that the couple who brought the footballers over were not their real parents

The ‘family’ moved to Italy under the name Traore on a visa that has since been dropped by the United States winger

Amad and Hamed, who play for Serie A team Sassuolo, had DNA samples taken and were interviewed by police along with several other related parties

Since both were under 18 at the time of the move, neither of them can be prosecuted for their role in the move

However, the Italian Federation (FIGC) has decided, according to its own investigations, to impose a fine of 42000 GBP to be imposed on both players

The verdict names the alleged parents of the brothers, Traore Hamed Mamadou and Teher Marina Edwige Carine, in their verdict with Mamadou, who is seen as the main suspect of the police investigation

For their role in registering clubs with false documents, they have been found guilty of violating Article 4 and Article 32 of the Code of Sports Justice

The FIGC stated that Diallo had: “Allowed to July 2018 to be able to sign his first professional contract with Atalanta, the use of the false name Traore Diallo Amad

“Other unregistered persons (Traore Hamed Mamadou and Teher Marina Edwige Carine) took action aimed at obtaining false or altered documents in order to comply with the rules for entering Italy and membership as non-EU citizens who already lives in Italy to bypass

“They were found to pretend to be the football player’s parents and use false certificates confirming the family relationship

“Finally for himself, in order to obtain subsequent membership cards with FIGC affiliated companies, to continue to use the false certifications that had allowed him to settle in Italy with fictitious parents”

SunSport knows that Manchester United do not believe the matter will affect their ability to play for the club

The 18-year-old has yet to make his debut for his new club, but was on the bench for Tuesday night’s FA Cup win against West Ham

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