Dominic McKay will succeed Peter Lawwell, but Walker believes after a season fans deserve answers they should forget

Pundit Andy Walker made a fresh appeal to the Celtic Board when he urged them to give fans hope ahead of next season

Neil Lennon’s side have won three games in a row, but there’s still little to shout about as the Rangers head home to claim their first Premiership title in a decade

Celtic fans have posted their dismay on social media at the club’s lack of updates Many were annoyed by the outstanding January rating the club had promised the Irish during its pre-Christmas vote of confidence

Dominic McKay will succeed Peter Lawwell, but it remains unclear whether a football director will come on board as well

And Walker sees no reason why the club doesn’t want to give fans something to scream for that has little to fight for during the current campaign

He said, “There’s a bigger picture here and I think the club is stepping on water. They have a roster that is going to take a big turn in the summer and they refuse to get in touch with the supporters and them to let you know what happened

“Nobody knows what the administrative structure will be like. We are all aware that Dominic McKay will be released on Jan. July will arrive He clearly has first class business acumen, but Celtic followers want to know about players, they want to know about managers and coaches. That’s what gets their imaginations going and there is just no word

Walker also believes the club’s fan base will once again support his club by renewing his season tickets and putting games back on the agenda for next season

But the 55-year-old thinks it is high time the board got rid of some fears and presented their strategy for the future to the fans

He added, “I have no doubt that Celtic followers will give up their money again, they will buy into the club

“It’s your club, you support it through thick and thin, and you get season tickets that are renewed in large numbers, but you deserve a little more respect

“What’s up? When Neil Lennon takes command next season, tell them. If it’s someone else, tell them

“If there’s a new structure that is going to be different, let them know Let the fans know, let them be excited about the prospect of next season

“Right now there is nothing to get upset about It is likely that the Scottish Cup will not be played until after it finishes this season with the league title gone and Celtic finishing second

“Get involved with the fans and give them a bit of hope for the next season, that’s all they are looking for I don’t think it’s asking too much”

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