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TYSON FURY was spotted wearing his own Gypsy King hat at a local gas station in Chesire

He was introduced in conversation with heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua as the organizers have assured that an announcement is imminent

But Fury, used to cheating on reporters, poured cold water on his potential undisputed heavyweight decision-maker with Joshua

He claimed to drink up to 12 pints a day and not eat off-schedule with the proposed AJ double-headed ball

Fury, 32, told iFL TV: “I’ve stopped exercising right now, I’m on vacation

“I currently drink between eight, ten and twelve liters of lager per day

“I trained and trained and trained with no progress, so now I’m a recreational man”

AJ’s promoter Eddie Hearn and Fury’s US and UK supporters Frank Warren and Bob Arum have all insisted negotiations are in their final stages

In response to Fury’s worrying concerns – which could also be mind games – Warren noted that the WBC champion is frustrated but that conversations are “going in the right direction”

He told talkSPORT: “We have all agreed to share news at the same time so that I cannot break the trust that I have consented to”

“But what I can say is that everything is agreed, it’s an upcoming announcement and we have to work on a site and that’s it

“Nobody is more frustrated than the fighters and us We worked like you can’t believe it getting this across the line”

“I think Tyson is a little upset because it just keeps dragging on

“Hopefully everyone will get the good news soon, they will be happy, and everyone can take more to the next level of this which is the sorting of this website”

“We hope it doesn’t happen later We’re working hard to get it done sooner rather than later”

“The contracts have been agreed and are 100 percent signed I am convinced of that ”

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Tyson Fury

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