Chelsea face Barnsley in Yorkshire tonight as the Blues try to avoid a surprise and advance to the quarter-finals, the game is Thomas Tuchel’s first taste of the FA Cup, a tournament he is called A youth in Germany knew everything where the FA Cup and Wembley were two words whose meaning everyone understood He has some fresh faces tonight with Kepa Arrizabalaga in goal, but it’s also a strong team that includes Hakim Ziyech and midfielder N ‘ Belong to Golo Kante

Barnsley had a good season and threatened the championship play-off spots until a fall in form in recent weeks that took them to 13th in the second division Seated manager Valerien Ismael has spoken positively this week about Barnsley’s challenge against one of the best squads in European football, the winner will face Sheffield United in the sixth round at home

More tries, more shots on target, more corners, more fouls. The only stat that dominates Barnsley is percentage of ownership Still the game remains square Chelsea should react in the second half but if Barnsley can score he could achieve this

45 1 minute: Half Barnsley with best chances of half but they didn’t convert them Will they come to regret the missed attempts?

45 minutes: The corner is played just before Chaplin, who passes it on to Brittain. He walks towards the goal, but the ball is deflected by Adeboyejo and goes past the back post

42 mins: Styles floats a nice ball to Adeboyejo who does a good job of bringing the ball down and passing it to Brittain He tries to get around Alonso but is unsuccessful Barnsley wins a corner, however

39 mins: There’s not much going on out there until Pulisic threads the ball through Barnsley’s back line and picks Hudson-Odoi on the right flank. He shoots a cross in the box and it almost falls for Pulisic, who is in the Area is swept He gets a foot to the ball, but sends it far

33 minutes: Brittain is back on target for Barnsley when another cross comes into the box, Alonso hits him for the ball and heads him into a corner, which Chelsea defends well before Barnsely is penalized for an offside position

30 mins: Hudson-Odoi runs a nice little run down the wing before cutting in. He’s just too fast for the Barnsley defenders and eventually gets overthrown by Mowatt.Chelsea plays the free-kick quickly but only manages to get the ball to get out for a kick

27 mins: Chelsea gets to work Ziyech rolls the ball wide to Hudson-Odoi, who runs down the wing and puts the ball in the box for Abraham, but the pass is intercepted and knocked back to the corner Ziyech swings the corner in the penalty area, but Barnsley manages to work it away

24 mins: Abraham is back in the box when the cross comes in from the left. This time it’s Andersen who gets in his way as the Chelsea striker tries to win the ball, which is not so obvious and Chelsea still doesn’t get a penalty Abraham is ticking

21 mins: Tammy Abraham would do well to push the ball to Gilmour after a high pressure. He continues to run into the box and receives the pass. Sibbick comes over and slides into the Chelsea striker, who takes him into the box Martin Atkinson waves keep playing and Abraham raging The reruns show Sibbick missed the ball and taking the man No VAR, No Penalty

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