She insisted on interviewing Farrell and some people disliked it, even though she addressed the main talking points of the game

The respected BBC sports interviewer Sonja McLaughlan was mistreated so often after Wales against England that she burst into tears

The reporter responsible for the BBC’s coverage of the six nations after Wales claimed a Triple Crown victory announced that she received gross abuse on social media Saturday night following her interview with Owen Farrell / p>

“Just some of the feedback I’ve received Thank you for using @ sign Now imagine if you were inundated with abuse doing your job crying in my car Hope you are happy”

As usual after the games, the head coach and captain of each team appear to be doing post-game interviews on television, and McLaughlan interviewed Wayne Pivac, Eddie Jones, Alun Wyn Jones and Farrell

In an interview with the latter, McLaughlan asked if England had been deprived of a bad office, to which he replied, “We can’t talk about that

“We got back to it in the second half and didn’t quite end it. There’s a lot we can do better”

When fans at home know they want to learn more about the controversial incident that led to Josh Adams’ attempt – with referee Pascal Gauzere only having 22 seconds to tell Farrell to discuss discipline with his players talk and restart the game – McLaughlan asked if England could have been more awake at that moment

“I should look back”, replied the skipper “I don’t know where I was at that moment”

McLaughlan persisted on the topic of conversation of the game and asked what he was going to say to the referee He clearly felt he had a case

But before she could fully answer her question, Farrell cut her off and said, “Look, there’s no point talking about it now

Regarding Louis Rees-Zammit’s preparation for Liam Williams’ attempt, Farrell was asked whether or not it was an offense

The broadcaster came back with another question and said, “What you clearly couldn’t control was England’s penalty, how much do you feel shot in the foot there and Sheedy kicks three”

“Yeah, that was a problem for us,” he said, “It’s something we need to look at because I thought the effort was good, I thought the intent was good

Farrell was then asked about Maro Itoje’s discipline before the interview ended with McLaughlan, who said she appreciated Farrell’s time and the captain thanked the broadcaster

The sports world and beyond has gathered to show their support for McLaughlan who just did their job (very well, many would say)

BBC breakfast host Dan Walker said, “Well, that’s awful! Sonj, you are so good at your job. Over the years I’ve given you as a role model for many would-be sports journalists. They never shy away from the awkward Things & always finds for the right mix of insights and questions of & humor “

Bernard Jackman replied, “I thought you were excellent today, Sonja, and remember that a tiger does not lose sleep because of the opinion of sheep””

Andrea Byrne, host for ITV Wales, said: “There is absolutely no excuse for such abuse on a social media forum, and no one should end their day at work like you

“People are cruel and I guarantee they wouldn’t say it face to face Keyboard warriors do their worst”

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