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With pressure on the government mounting after the proposed plans for a one percent raise for NHS staff, Ben Shephard, host of Good Morning Britain, was eager to hear the thoughts of Economy Secretary Paul Scully, accompanied by Kate Garraway the ITV presentation couple, Mr Scully, on the spot when they requested answers on a possible U-turn on the matter as well as the Minister’s personal opinion on the move

The fiery GMB debate began when Mr. Scully set out why and how the government had ended up on the figure

“What the government did,” Scully began. “Did you look at public finances and say,” Here is one percent that we think we can afford as a country “”

The MP then mentioned how these results will be passed on to the Independent Pay Review, which will then report on its verdict in a few months’ time

But Shephard wasn’t exactly happy with the answer when he took a quiz about a possible U-turn

“I don’t think anyone can look at this rationally and think about why the public shouldn’t be outraged about a one percent raise, there will be an about-face””

But Mr. Scully stood firm, insisting that the current process the government is conducting is standard

Mr Scully continued to defend the government’s decision, referring to 2017 when a similar process took place He continued, “You saw that the lowest paid nurses received a 12.5 percent wage increase over that period in the last pay period

“What we did is re-focused on the worst paid people in the public sector to make sure they get at least a 250 raise a year to make sure those people are cared for”

Again, Shephard was far from satisfied with the answer and decided to get Mr Scully’s personal opinion

“Are you personally – would you like them to scale it up and review it from a percent?” Shephard asked

Mr. Scully replied, “I want to make sure that first of all we have a good reward for our nurses (and) our doctors who continue to do a great job with the NHS -”

Undeterred, the Minister of Economic Affairs continued: “You can also have a career move ahead of you, so that your salaries are so well financed that you can actually go through the salary grades””

The GMB presenters finally got on with the conversation to continue with the rest of the show

However, GMB was still full of other points of discussion, including a heated debate over freedom of expression with Owen Jones and Calvin Robinson

Shephard and Garraway have also pondered host Piers Morgan’s recent departure from the ITV show

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World News – GB – Ben Shephard in heated U-turn series with Scully on NHS raise “It’s a yes or no!”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1408434/Ben-Shephard-Paul-Scully-GMB-row-debate-NHS-pay-rise-Kate-Garraway-ITV-video