It was the moment Wales fans had their heads in their hands in front of their television screens

Over time, Ireland had a penalty and a chance to step near the trial line for a lineout and prepare to save at least a draw from the six-nation contest – or an away win with the conversion

Billy Burns half-flies for Captain Johnny Sexton, who was absent with a head injury investigation, kicked the corner but put too much on it The ball went dead Wales fans could open their eyes again and breathe a sigh of relief as they finished the tournament with a moral positive win started

Former Irish number eight Jamie Heaslip couldn’t hide his dismay in comments, saying, “You don’t have to push it you support the lineout drill”

At the full-time whistle, a clearly angry Burns was comforted by Welsh players and his own teammates, who then supported him

“I did the same thing in this corner, sometimes you miss it and sometimes you get it and you are the hero, but you have to try because there is a huge difference between a lineout from 10 yards and from five yards

“If you’re chasing a game you’re eight points down, or since Billy was five points down, you have to put it five meters”That’s when you’re trying to score

“If you put it 10 yards out, even a good cheek seldom gets around. Other days you’re the hero when you glue it on the five

“It’s the life of the number 10 it comes down to small margins I thought he did very well on the other parts of the game

“As a 10, you have moments when you are a hero and you have moments when you are a villain

“You put yourself in these moments, that’s the responsibility you have. If you kick the ball on 22, that’s worse for me than trying to keep it out five meters and it doesn’t come out. He will learn and he will go again “

“Billy is upset Billy lays a large amount on his own shoulders most of the time and has definitely – almost always – worn Ulster in the past, and he will continue to do for Ireland in the future

“Obviously he notices that with this kick in the corner he is trying to get every single inch out of this ball. He overcooked it slightly

“I thought it was excellent when it came in I think if he goes back and looks again it will take away a lot of the impact it made”

“It’s not why we lost the game, we all missed out on contact at one point

“I suppose he’ll be gutted because of the size, but he’ll learn from it”

Former England World Cup captain Martin Johnson summed up the incident as “bizarre” while BBC expert Sam Warburton said, “I’d rather play it safe, but I don’t blame his ambition”In one comment, Welsh legend Jonathan Davies said,” He had to make sure he found the touch first “

“Very, very tough pill to swallow for Billy Burns International rugby can be brutal as there is no hiding place, but a great test of character, what reaction is given”

“I admire Billy Burns going for the actual 5m Don’t be shy and hitting the 22 like many others Nobody died”

And John Cooney jumped in defense of his Ulster half-back who had received criticism online and said:

“If you’re the type who has to berate another person in order to feel better, I’m sorry”Think before you write anything online & check internally first We’re all fallible It’s the man in the arena! “

“In the end, feel for Billy Burns, I’m telling you now that every kicker in their career has played one like this to the full, so hopefully this is his for his career. He made a huge impact when he came along”

Billy Burns

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