css-14iz86j-BoldText {Font size: bold;} From the 1st January 2021 we will get a first glimpse into life after leaving the EU

The UK officially left the EU in January 2020, but a post-Brexit transitional period has retained most of the existing agreements

How different will life look and feel for those of us who live and work in London?

This means that EU citizens no longer automatically have the right to move to the UK to live and work there and vice versa

There will still be immigration – as long as people comply with the government’s new points-based system

If you already live in the UK, EU citizens by 30 June 2021 time to submit an application to remain under the EU comparison system

Since the program opened in August 2018, the government said 448 million EU citizens have applied

However, according to the3million, a campaign group for EU citizens living in the UK, the new system carries risks

“We have already seen that employment agencies reject EU citizens who apply for warehouse jobs and do not recognize their identity card or their status as evidence of their right to work,” said Maike Bohn, co-founder of the3million

“We are concerned about those who have lost everything, who may sleep poorly, who may not receive assistance in applying for status and who are at risk of being removed from the UK”

Around 35% of people born in the UK who were born abroad live in the capital

The origins of these migrants could change noticeably in the new year

The new trade agreement between the UK and the EU has brought some relief to companies in the capital that rely on the import or export of goods

The agreement signed on Wednesday means that there are no additional fees for goods – also known as tariffs

There are also no restrictions on the amount that can be paid from the 1st January can be traded between the EU and the UK

Harmeet Ahuja works for Sun Mark Foods in Greenford, west London, which exports goods around the world, and he said the new deal would create “perks” for business

He said, “Industry will be forced to look to other markets and the opportunities that arise from them

“At the moment it is all too easy to look across the Canal and do business with our neighbors in Europe because it is quick, cheap and the barriers to business have been almost no

“There are huge markets outside the EU, but it means stepping out of our comfort zone and exploring further”

According to Lee Stiles, Secretary of the Lea Valley Growers Association, “extra bureaucracy” increases production costs in agriculture

Lea Valley farmers export both domestic goods to the EU and vegetables from the EU

Mr Stiles said, “It is inevitable that delays in trucking before Christmas will lead to disruptions and bottlenecks in the New Year

The UK has left the EU Customs Union and Single Market, which means there will be a new set of customs and regulatory controls on exports and imports – including controls on rules of origin

Additional charges may apply if products contain parts that were not made in the EU or the UK

But there are still “unknown” ramifications from the deal, said Richard Burge, the LCCI’s chief executive

“Companies still need time to determine what the real impact Brexit could have on them, their supply chains and customers,” he said

The UK financial services industry announced on Jan. January automatically lost the right to trade in the EU internal market

In 2018, 132 billion GBP generated for the UK economy – almost half of the total output of the UK financial sector

The future access of the sector to the EU remains uncertain and the details are still being negotiated

Catherine McGuinness, political chairwoman of the City of London Corporation, said she hoped the current trade deal was a positive sign

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