The post-Brexit trade deal agreement is expected to be announced within hours after nine months of lengthy negotiations

A meeting of EU ambassadors was scheduled on Christmas Eve to start the ratification process. Sources in Brussels and London confirmed that the talks would come to a successful conclusion

According to the government, the two sides were “a touching distance” from the conclusion of an agreement, and the Prime Minister spoke several times on Wednesday with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen

“David Frost is in Brussels and works through the detailed legal text line by line We hope to be able to announce an agreement tonight or tomorrow, but we’re not there yet, “the source said. We need to make sure the devil is not in the details,” they added. p>

Diplomats representing the EU Member States are already searching some of the 2000 pages of the agreed legal text

Given the many twists and turns in the Brexit negotiations, the possibility of a last minute problem remains, but a final call is expected to be made late Wednesday evening, a senior EU source told the Guardian: “The stars have aligned”

It is assumed that negotiations will continue The phone call from Johnson and the Commission President is likely to be the time a deal will be announced if the final issues are smoothly resolved Downing Street and the European Commission declined to comment

Michel Barnier, the bloc’s chief negotiator, spoke to EU ambassadors on Tuesday that “both sides are politically ready to get this across the line,” adding that “some things need to go higher now” Source in space

Both sides have argued over future EU access and quotas in UK fishing waters This is a question of little economic impact, but of great political importance for both sides

A vote by the European Parliament on the approval of a trade and security agreement with the United Kingdom is no longer possible as there is little time left before the end of the transition period

UK to exit internal market and customs union within eight days, with or without new trade and security agreements with the EU, MPs said this was not enough time to consider

The capital cities will instead have to “provisionally apply” the agreement on Approve January 1st, with MPs having to vote later in the month

The process can take up to a week as the treaty has to be translated and checked by the 27 governments

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