British house music legend Phil Asher has died at the age of 50, according to friends of the DJ, he died in his sleep after a heart attack

As a record collector and music lover with a knowledge of soul, jazz and disco, Asher has brought all this understanding to his house music productions and DJ sets. He is considered one of the best DJs in the UK He plays a vital role in bridging the gap between the 4/4 and the broken beat, and wins widespread admiration for his smooth mixing

Asher played his first DJ set on the pioneering House Delirium in 1991 and had a successful career that spanned many aliases and worked in influential dance music institutions

In addition to his birth name, he has released music under monikers like Basic Soul, Demonstration Phlash and E & E Sound, through labels like Strictly 4 Groovers, Versatile Records, 4 Lux, Restless Soul, Houseology and Rekids.He also curated a number of influential compilations on Slip â ???? n / A ???? Slide, including to become part of the “Jazz in the House” series

Asher co-founded the West London Co-Op Club along with Dego, Demus, G-Force and IG Culture in 2000, which became a hub for the broken beat sound and was named one of the 25 Mixmags Parties that changed dance music forever in 2015. He also worked in the English capital’s Quaff & Vinyl Solution record stores and hosted the radio program R Solution with Kirk DeGiorgio and Dego and Mark Mac from 4hero at Kiss FM

Speaking about the broken beat scene with Data Transmission in 2017, he said, “All I can say is that I was lucky enough to be involved in a scene that was so creative and talented that it was me Some of the singers, musicians, and producers from that era are visionaries I really think Few snaps are co-op at the Velvet Rooms stopping by the IG or Bugz studio listening to new songs, it was priceless that Traveling the world to set the mood The corner of Plastic People waiting to move on to Co-Op was always excitingâ ????

Talk to Ransom about his desire to “just make music that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck” ???? In 2015 he said: “Quality over quantity in any case. I prefer to take my time and release music that is enjoyed for what it does rather than for what it is. Good vibrations are more important to me than good map positions and here we say it’s none arrogant mood, it’s only when you get older, your priorities change, now I strive for different goals I had an enchanting career musically, since I can’t really play any instruments I’m super grateful and want to give something backâ ????

Tributes to Asher have surfaced on social media from around the world of dance music Read a selection below

Hear incredibly sad news – the death of Phil Asher, top guy, DJ, one of the UK’s top house, jazz, jazz / house producers. REST IN PEACE picTwittercom / PrXvSzb5yz

Take a rest, King. Terrible news about the death of Phil Asher An absolute legend and a gentleman A humble soul whose music has shaped the world and inspired so many. Thoughts are with his family and friends. He lives through his music and its influence on BildTwittercom / 8Juj1HTE2E

Heartbreaking to hear of @philasher’s death Really one of the most talented and nicest people I have met in the music business and who has offered my condolences to his close friends and family ð ??????

Rest in peace my dear friend Phil Asher When I came up you always had time for me and you were a lovely guy. My thoughts are with your family and your boyfriend right now. I am absolutely disappointed ð ?????? ImageTwittercom / W7iwHqrK3v

#PhilAsher He is responsible for so much great music This is the first thing that came to mind B-Boys (Breaks Mix) https: // tco / fJlRij5Ac7 Greetings to his family and close friends In death there is eternal life x

Wow, ripped Phil Asher. I’ve caught so many troubled souls when I got rid of dirt

I refuse to believe not this man !! Phlash, I’m speechless! To be honest, I will always be grateful for how your soul has touched so many of us Sleep in eternal peace ð ?????? ð ?????? ð ?????? ð ??????

Phil Asher

World News – GB – British house music legend Phil Asher has passed away