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Restaurateurs were disqualified for a total of 12 years after revenue was suppressed to avoid paying the correct amount of tax

The brothers Carlos Enrique De La Cruz Vidal (51) from southeast London and Fernando De La Cruz Vidal (52) from Granada in Spain are now prohibited from acting as directors or participating directly or indirectly without doing so Court permission in promoting, starting or running a business

Carlos’s 6-year ban came into effect on Jan. November comes into effect, while Fernando’s 6-year ban will come into effect on Nov. December comes into force

The brothers were appointed directors of Santo Limited in April 2007 on the same day the company was incorporated

Santo Limited was trading as a restaurant called Santo on Portobello Road in West London However, the company completed a voluntary liquidation of creditors in December 2018 before the brothers’ conduct was referred to the bankruptcy service for further investigation

Investigators found that Santo Limited was investigated by tax authorities in November 2017 after they discovered issues related to the company’s tax return

The tax authorities found that the brothers increased the company’s revenue by more than 173 from September 2014 to September 2017Had suppressed £ 000 and overestimated the amount of non-taxable income

When the company went into liquidation in December 2018, tax authorities demanded nearly 200000 GBP in liquidation

Carlos Enrique De La Cruz Vidal let his commitment on 15 Accepted by the Foreign Minister on October 9, while Fernando De La Cruz Vidal made his commitment on 9 October December let assume

In their engagements, the brothers did not deny that they had resulted in inaccurate tax returns being submitted to the tax authorities by suppressing their sales proceeds

Customers have the right to expect the tax they pay on their groceries to be passed on to the tax authorities.Instead, Carlos and Fernando De La Cruz Vidal have made substantial declarations of the tax due, and neither of them take their responsibilities as directors seriously taken

Carlos and Fernando have been out of the business environment for 6 years These prohibitions should serve as a warning to other directors that you will be severely disqualified if you fail to pay the correct taxes

Carlos Enrique De La Cruz Vidal comes from south east London and was born in August 1969

Fernando De La Cruz Vidal is from Grenada, Spain and his date of birth is April 1968

Disqualification companies are the administrative equivalent of a disqualification order, but do not involve legal proceedings. Individuals subject to a disqualification order are bound by a number of other restrictions

More information about the work of the bankruptcy service and complaint about financial misconduct is available

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World news – GB – Brothers banned because they did not have taxes of 173Have paid £ 000

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