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After over a year out of the ring and a ton of out of the ring contractual issues and so on, Canelo Alvarez is returning on Saturday (December 18, DAZN, 8 p.m. ET) against Callum Smith, with Smith taking the WBA title in the Super – Middleweight defended and the free WBC belt also at stake

Will Mexican superstar Canelo win real world titles in a fourth weight division, or does Callum Smith have the resources to cause a stir?

I’ve spent a while in comments reiterating my belief that Callum Smith is “Liam but great” Let me get this straight because maybe this has been misconstrued somehow, or maybe now Liam Smith, Callum’s brother, is a damn good professional boxer Internet fools would make you think that anyone who at any given point is not one of the best two or seven Fighter of the sport is that really sucks, but Liam Smith is a good fighter

Callum Smith is a good fighter I think he has peaked slightly higher than Liam (and it’s closer than you might think) due to his natural talent, the fact that he’s 6’3 “rather than 5’9” is In terms of skills, I don’t think Callum is really any better than Liam, I think he’s bigger and that has given him advantages that Liam could never have

This big chunk might give Canelo some looks early, four or five rounds, but ultimately I don’t think Callum is good enough to sincerely worry Alvarez Smith should have lost to John Ryder last time, but maybe it was a rough night for him or a great night for Ryder, whatever, things happen I’m not copying Smith by myself And I also believe Canelo-Kovalev was rightly quite close. But I think Canelo respected Kovalev’s power more than than Callums, I think he’ll be more comfortable at 168 than 175, and I think he’ll fight with a little less caution than the Russian I think the end result is about the same Canelo is just a much better fighter for Smith’s height advantage Watch the Canelo TKO-10

body shots to make enough difference

Much like my GGG Szeremeta pick, I’m obviously assuming that the rest of the staff will pick Canelo to find out about Callum Smith, which means I’ll have to do the opposite when I step on my shield me my, hey, there are reasons to go with Smith as he really is a big super middleweight who seems fully aware that he has to turn it on completely for this outing and that is exactly the fight that he wanted so he should be prepared to make the most of it

If Smith can pick up the pace enough to offset Canelo’s eye-catching counters, he might be able to score points early enough to get some momentum and confidence that Smith will do something about Canelo earlier this week who is looking for more unique big shots when he is gaining weight and that could offer a path to victory for Smith here if he is willing to set the pace of the fight The difficult part is playing Canelo on the cards , and I don’t know that Smith can consistently catch Canelo clean enough to do enough damage for a stop so I’m really between a rock and a hard place with this choice, a questionable judgment is far more likely here than a Smith break, I think Smith SD-12

Date: Saturday, Dec 19 | Start Time: 8:00 p.m. ETLocation: Alamodome – San Antonio, TXStream: DAZNOnline Reporting: BadLeftHookcom

I’m really much more torn than I thought the knee-jerk reaction is to point at John Ryder who managed to consistently bully “Mundo” even though he’s not much taller or longer than Canelo, but it doesn’t last by itself On the one hand, Ryder is a southern paw, and on the other, it took Canelo half an hour to get through Sergey Kovalev’s non-binding thrusts and land something narrative As clichéd as it sounds, they all have the tools to win this fight / p>

What hardly seals it for Canelo is Smith’s willingness to mix it up Pear-shaped, Kovalev generally did a solid job of staying mobile and never planting his feet, and Canelo was unable to do much in response to his earmuffs, in contrast, Smith sits on his bumps, doesn’t move as good as Kovalev in this fight and generally likes to chat up close, giving Canelo the opportunity to fill the void and let his combinations fly Smith might be able to score a victory with an unusually passive game plan , but in a matchup of 55/45 to 60/40, Canelo does enough good job to win cards closer than necessary to Canelo UD-12

With a significant size and an advantage over Canelo, Smith will see this as his great key to victory. If he keeps pinging Canelo and using feinting, he will theoretically be out of reach of Canelo’s heat – unfortunately, that fight won’t be on paper Dismissed Canelo is a master at using his feet to close the distance, and with a granite set of whiskers he won’t be impressed by a couple of tact times to fire a combination He will undoubtedly and should aim at Smith’s body being able to wear the British down, perhaps after giving away the first few rounds, Ryder set the blueprint for bullying Smith in his fight last year – not that the Mexican needs an example to follow – and if Smith doesn’t shoot to 100% of his potential he’ll find out don’t get me wrong, regarding the alternatives around 160 and 168 i think ch that this is a tough fight I just see it as pretty comfortable for Canelo with a left hook on the liver – matching that of Liam in 2016 Canelo TKO-9

Canelo vs Smith

World News – GB – Predictions for Canelo vs Callum Smith, preview, who will win the fight?

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