The TV legend is hosting a show on BBC Radio Wales and was quick to make fun of herself when the webcam in the studio focused on her chest on her Monday morning show

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Carol Vorderman laughed at a mix-up after her webcam zoomed in on her chest as she broadcast on the radio

The 60-year-old presenter is hosting a show on BBC Radio Wales that includes a live webcast of herself in the studio for online viewers

Carol was preparing for her Monday morning show, using social media to get noticed and highlight her time slot

However, she also took the opportunity to make fun of herself when she noticed that the studio webcam had enlarged her chest area while she was sitting at her hosting desk

Carol took part in Instagram Stories Monday morning and shared a photo of herself looking wild She bit down on the microphone when she pointed out that it would be on the air at 8:30 a.m.

She then shared a public photo of herself in red leather pants and a white top to once again highlight her Monday morning show

She then took a snapshot of her live stream live from the studio, showing that the camera had locked onto her chest

The camera showed up in a fitted gray sweater and showed Carols next to a microphone on BBC Radio Wales

She laughed at herself, took photos of what was streamed online, and wrote, “Um … move the bl ** dy webcam” next to laughing emojis

Carol’s request was duly approved and she then shared another snapshot with the webcam now pointed at her face

Fans were amused by Carol’s webcam slip – many took to Twitter to show their appreciation for her character

Carol Vorderman

World News – UK – Carol Vorderman laughs at the mishap as the webcam zooms in on her chest