It can be difficult to know how to react when someone around you reveals that they are struggling with their sanity and want to take their own life

Tonight, Channel 4 will air a documentary about Caroline Flack about the events that led to the television presenter’s suicide in 2020

And on Monday host Roman Kemp opened up on his own mental health problems and the suicide of his close friend Joe Lyons for a BBC Three documentary

We spoke to Alex Dodd, a Samaritan Mental Health Volunteer, about what to do if someone inquires about their troubles

Alex explains that it’s important to create an environment where they have the courage to open up and feel supported

“That’s one of the hardest things people can do, have that first contact and talk about how they’re feeling”

Alex adds that it can be human to interrupt with our own emotions, but it’s important not to

“But they just want to open up, they can’t think of anything. If you keep calm, it is really good to do so at first”

It is important to give them space to talk and not ask about things that might imply judgment

“Ask questions like, ‘How will your family feel? How will they feel when you leave this world?’ will make you feel like you are really being judged “

The first thing Alex does is thank someone for calling and letting them know that she is there to help them process their feelings – to try to make them comfortable, more to share

Open-ended questions are a great way to get someone to talk, e.g. B.: “Can you tell me a little more about why you feel this way? Why did you get to this point?”

“It’s about how it got to this point and why you feel like you can’t go on”

“It actually lets them speak, gives them that silence and just lets them take it off their chest”

Our natural instinct could be to hug someone (if Covid restrictions allow), but the main thing is that they are comfortable

“But if you’re close to that person and you know that a hug or that close contact would help, don’t be afraid to hold their hand

“The human contact is fantastic for building this bridge and knowing physically that someone is there,” she adds

Alex suggests offering advice on what to do, such as: B. speak to a doctor or call a support line

She ultimately says it has to be the person’s decision to take the next step to get help

“But the fact that they have opened up is a sign they want help and want to work through this”

“Feelings are only temporary So it comes to a point where you can say,” This is my next step””

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