Retiree Judith was knocked on the door last Friday by a man who claimed to be from the National Statistics Bureau – he said she had missed the deadline and was responsible for the fine

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Have you already completed your 2021 census survey? If the answer is no, a fine of 1000 GBP will be imposed

Households across England and Wales are encouraged to respond to the survey by today or “as soon as possible after”

But even though it is a criminal offense to ignore the survey? which is done every ten years to count the number of people? Readers told me this week that scammers misused it

Judith, 78, of Wimbledon, South West London, was knocked on the door by a man who said he was from the National Statistics Office last Friday

He asked if Judith had received the census poll which she confirmed had received, then promptly informed her that the deadline had expired and she was fined $ 1000 GBP will be occupied

The man then said the fine would be reduced to £ 500 if she handed in the completed survey and paid him cash on the spot

Judith had no cash and asked the man if he would accept a check

He said he would if it was “cash” ultimately the same â ???? and did not bounce

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Simon from Leicester also received an email on Monday warning of a fine of 1£ 000 for not having completed the census by Jan. March had sent back

The email offered an electronic version of the survey that could be completed online in “two minutes” by simply clicking a link

Action Fraud says that members of the public only know about the letter â ???? to be contacted about the census Never email, text, or phone

It said: “When completing the census you will be asked for personal information such as your date of birth, your occupation and your place of residence

Census Deadline

World News – UK – Census scammers force 78-year-old woman to pay £ 500 fine for missing deadline