Last year, Eddie Izzard spoke openly on Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year series about gender fluidity and the desire to get past pronouns Today she was with Charlie Stayt, the host of BBC Breakfast , on the show, to talk about her next fundraising venture – 31 marathons in 31 days. When Charlie introduced the star, he called Eddie “him” and sparked an angry reaction from the audience at home

Eddie made her stance on the use of pronouns in the Sky program clear last year, stating, “This is the first program in which I have asked if I can be” her “and” she ”

“It feels great People just accept, or they know me from before. I’m gender specific. I only want to work in girl mode from now on It feels very positive”

Since Eddie was mentioned by her pronouns until her appearance on the BBC Breakfast Show today

Charlie introduced Eddie and told the audience: “Comedian Eddie Izzard is no stranger to fundraising“

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Charlie then made the mistake of continuing, “You may remember that he ran 28 marathons in 28 days last year

BBC Breakfast then showed a montage of Eddie’s previous fundraiser, but the home crowd was more concerned about Charlie’s gender pronoun abuse

“Charlie Stayt only misled Eddie Izzard at @BBCBreakfast,” added a second, “Come on Charlie, it was a big story when she changed her pronouns, keep it up”

While a fourth weighed in, “Hi @BBCBreakfast, great story about @eddieizzard’s marathon performance Sad to hear Charlie Stayt mistreated Eddie

“She recently stated her preference for her pronouns, there have been numerous news articles. Did you discuss her preferences with her before the show? Do better ”

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And a fifth agreed: “@BBCBreakfast was disappointed to see @eddieizzard referenced HE on the show this morning as she spoke loudly about the use of the pronouns she and she had”

Eddie ignored Charlie’s abuse of airborne gender pronouns as the two continued their conversation about their latest marathon venture

As she warmed up on the treadmill, Eddie explained how she hoped to raise funds for charities around the world such as Care International, Fair Share, and Covenant House, among others

Before Eddie signed off on her chat with Charlie, she was trying to give viewers hope for 2021

Eddie encouraged viewers to work together this year to help overcome the coronavirus pandemic and its global impact

“I would love it for all 78 billion of us working together to share and get the vaccines out and get everyone healthy,” she told Charlie

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World News – GB – Charlie Stayt causes an uproar among the BBC viewers for mistreating Eddie Izzard: “It’s her / her!”