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Fans of ITV’s The Chase branded today’s celebrity special “a fix” after comedian Andi Osho single-handedly beat up the pursuer

Today’s episode was a rerun from 2018 where Jane Moore, Alex Beresford, Mark Ramprakash, and Andi Osho took part in an offer to raise money for their chosen charity

Comedian Andi was the final contestant when Paul, aka The Sinnerman, managed to catch Jane, Alex and Mark

The finale was full of tension when Paul gave several wrong answers that gave Andi the opportunity to push back

The audience was full of adrenaline as it all boiled down to the last few seconds Paul got the wrong question when the timer only had a second left

Bradley Walsh said it was the first time a single player had everyone on Celebrity Chase

Dozens of fans congratulated Andi on her “amazing performance” on Twitter, but others were convinced that the final was a solution

One wrote, “The chase is so fixed! The pursuers never do that bad when normal people are playing”

Another said, “This final chase was fixed by just saying #TheChase as if he misunderstood all these questions and misunderstood the American Series when he knew Andi would make them typical”

While a fourth added, “Ugh celebrity chase is so boring because the pursuer clearly loses on purpose”

Andi Osho

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