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England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty said it would be “totally wrong” to suggest that the introduction of the vaccine would stop all deaths

The Chief Medical Officer of ENGLAND expects a fatal increase in coronavirus infections this year Sage expects at least another 30000 deaths could be on the way

Chris Whitty told a Westminster committee how “all modeling” shows virus cases will skyrocket after the UK government’s planned easing of restrictions

The Prime Minister has announced his planned relaxation of the rules in England with proposals to open beer gardens, non-essential shops, gyms and hairdressers from May 12th Set out April to allow indoor gatherings from May and all restrictions from April 21 June end

Whitty and senior scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance said they did not know if this roadmap needed to be delayed

Whitty told MPs that even if a small proportion of people are susceptible to Covid-19, “it still equates to a very large number of people overall” in terms of infections and deaths

“What we’re going to see is that the modeling over time only suggests that we’ll eventually get a surge in the virus,” he said

“We hope it doesn’t happen soon For example, it could happen later in the summer when we are gradually opening up, or due to the seasonal effect that can occur in the next fall and winter”

“All the modeling suggests there will be another spike, and that will find the people who either weren’t vaccinated or the vaccine didn’t work

“Some of them will end up in the hospital and unfortunately some of them will continue to die”

He added that the ratio between the number of people infected and the number of people dying would be significantly reduced thanks to the vaccination program

He said: “The vast majority of people who die will either be older or have pre-existing health problems – but not all”

But “we don’t know which people vaccinated, who the vaccines worked for and who didn’t” – although it would only be a minority for whom the spike will be ineffective

He warned MPs not to get too focused on the numbers in the modeling, but “significant numbers” would still die, like the flu does, despite being vaccinated for it

He stated, “The current modeling makes a number of assumptions I can go into detail if you’re interested, but on the whole, that’s why we expect more deaths, although the case-to-death ratio will be correct as a result of the vaccination but unfortunately not to zero

“I wouldn’t limit myself to single numbers too much, I have said repeatedly that predicting exact numbers during this pandemic is really difficult to interpret

“If you focus on specific numbers, every single number is wrong, but what they do is an indication of general principles”

Regarding the roadmap, he said that even “steady opening” would result in more deaths, but less than a hasty release of restrictions

“It’s really important that we don’t give the impression that we expect this to just go away and there be no more deaths

“This is not realistic and I think it would be completely wrong to fake this to the British public”

An earlier version of this article suggested that Chris Whitty was 30000 deaths predicted – this has been changed to reflect that this is a model that Sage has considered looking at the situation under even the most optimistic assumptions

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