Coronation Street ended tonight (15 February) on a creepy cliffhanger, and Debbie and Kevin Webster were visibly tired in the bistro fridge

The siblings were recently trapped there by the evil Ray Crosby, who was all too comfortable that they would likely both be dead if someone discovered them

On the first episode of that night’s double billing, the two tried to keep each other’s spirits up while they waited for someone to open the frosty storage unit by joking about their delirium and fondly remembering the disaster movies they saw had viewed as children

But their surprisingly happy chat was soon cut short when Debbie declared she was too tired to continue and wanted to take a nap – something Kevin insisted she not give in as it would likely lead to that she doesn’t wake up again

Elsewhere, Ray (Mark Frost) feigned ignorance about the Websters’ whereabouts and suggested to police that they probably ran away together to start a new life. Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) meanwhile shot down that theory and promised to find Kevin himself if the detectives aren’t up to the task

Back in the fridge, a thoughtful Debbie said to her brother, “No amount of money can make up for being alone, and when I finally found out, it was too late. What wouldn’t I give, what?

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“There are people out there who are worried about where you are right now,” she continued. “There isn’t a single person who realizes I’m gone”

“I didn’t know you were so unhappy,” Kevin shakily replied, curling up against his sister when Debbie told him never to let Abi go because she was “the best thing that ever happens to [him] is “

“You won’t die”, Kevin clapped back, barely conscious, as he broke part of the shelf and knocked loudly on the industrial door “I will not let you die”

Abi heard the noise and then broke into the bistro but didn’t know Kevin and Debbie were around She left again and assumed that the bat had come from outside

Spoiler-loving fans will already know the couple will make it, as Abi will propose to Kevin and the couple will likely get married later this summer but it was a terrifying ending anyway!

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