We have launched a new tool that will show when you might be eligible for the vaccine, as it has been announced that people aged 40 to 49 will be the next to get the Covid-19 vaccine


Welcome to today’s daily coronavirus live blog with the latest news on the health crisis across Scotland

Yesterday, Health Minister Jeane Freeman published an update on the latest coronavirus numbers from across Scotland

Within 24 hours, 581 new cases were confirmed, which accounted for 3 percent of all tests – with 161 in Greater Glasgow and Clyde and 105 in Lothian

924 patients were hospitalized, a decrease of 43 from the previous day Of which 80 were in intensive care, a decrease from nine the day before Unfortunately, another 27 more deaths were confirmed

From 8 yesterday at 30 o’clock a total of 1542929 people received their first dose of vaccine, an increase of 26949 on Thursday In addition, 8679 received their second dose The total for both doses is now 65340

NHS Scotland, following the advice of the JCVI, vaccinates the most vulnerable and those who work most closely with them first

The Joint Vaccination and Immunization Committee (JCVI) has considered whether groups like teachers and police officers should be vaccinated next, but concluded that the most effective way to prevent death and hospitalization is to prioritize the Continuing people by age

As a result, they have announced that 40 to 49 year olds will be the next to receive the Covid-19 vaccine after everyone in Phase 1 (those over 50 and considered clinically at risk) received theirs

With our new vaccine calculator, you can see here when you may be eligible for the Covid bite

On Saturday (27 February) the government has set up a new transit center in the parking lot of the Ainslie Park Leisure Center

The testing center near Granton is expected to see a number of locals developing symptoms of Covid-19

Those in need of a test must book in advance and should only be taken by people who have either a high temperature, a new and persistent cough, or a loss or change in their sense of smell or taste

A legal challenge to the government’s alleged failure to issue national guidelines on patient prioritization during the Covid-19 pandemic has been dismissed by the High Court

An Edinburgh-based expert advising the Scottish government on the coronavirus crisis has sparked a response after suggesting “vaccinate everyone quickly, including children.”””

Professor Devi Sridhar, Chair of the Department of Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh, wrote on a Twitter status: “Happy Sat!

“Blue Skies: Are You Going Outside To Exercise & In The Fresh Air? With vaccine results around the world, I’m optimistic about how to get out of this crisis. Just vaccinate everyone quickly (including children) & keeps R <1 and at the same time ensures more normality in summer "

A number of people were arrested while hundreds of demonstrators took part in an anti-lockdown protest in Dublin

Protesters clashed with Irish police as they marched through the city center trying to make their way to St Find Stephen’s Green Park

Before the protest, which started around 2pm, there was a strong Garda presence in the city center

Budget supermarkets Lidl and Iceland were ranked among 3000 shoppers ranked worst for coronavirus security measures

The measure introduced includes checkout screens that limit the number of people stocked up for social distancing, mask-wearing and disinfection stations

Only two out of five shoppers in Lidl and Iceland felt safe during the current lockdown

A group of young people was spotted in Holyrood Park after breaking the ban on a game of volleyball

Around 15 players were gathered around the net that had been set up on the grass next to Arthur’s seat this afternoon (Saturday)

The gathering did not appear to enforce social distancing and is in violation of current lockdown rules

Currently, Scottish Government policy prohibits gathering so large that only two people from up to two different households can meet outside

Extending the £ 20 Universal Loan Increase and Vacation Program are among the calls made by the Scottish Government before this week’s UK budget

In a letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Scottish Treasury Secretary Kate Forbes has urged the UK government to support Scotland as lockdown measures are expected to be eased over the next six weeks

As a result of the pandemic, the UK government increased the weekly payment of their flagship benefit by £ 20

Ms. Forbes said research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that stopping the uplift would result in 500000 people would be pushed into poverty

She said, “I therefore reiterate my call on the UK government to do the right thing and make the uplift permanent and extend it to legacy benefits to provide meaningful and effective long-term support while the effects of the pandemic continue will be “

The daughters of Captain Sir Tom Moore said his spirit would always live on in a powerful tribute read at his funeral today

Lucy Teixeira said her father, who captured the hearts of the nation when he raised millions for NHS charities during the initial lockdown, said he always influenced her with his strength and courage

She said, “Dad, I’m so proud of you for what you’ve accomplished all your life and especially in the last year you might be gone, but your message and your spirit live on”

She laughed as she remembered her father talking to her over concrete pipes to calm her anxiety on the wedding day

She also remembered the terrible day Sir Tom lost his wife – the day he took his grandson to see the type of tank he served in a military museum during the war had

President Joe Biden’s £ 14tn relief plan to assist Americans during the Covid pandemic has been approved in the House of Representatives, the BBC reports

The vote was partisan. Two Democrats, together with Republicans – who consider it too expensive – spoke out against it

The bill now has to go to the equally divided Senate, which has already blocked a key element – doubling the US minimum wage to $ 15 an hour

One million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been given across Wales, while more than one in three of the country’s adult population has received at least one dose, new figures show

Data released by Public Health Wales shows that 916316 people in Wales – greater than 38% of the adult population – have received their first dose from Pfizer / BioNTech or Oxford / AstraZeneca

This means that in Wales, in the 12 weeks since the country’s vaccination program was launched, a total of 1005389 doses were administered

The focus on ethnic minority health care needs to continue and improve once the coronavirus pandemic is over, a doctor said

Dr Faith Uwadiae, an immunologist at the Crick Institute in London, is one of several experts who have joined Team Halo, a UN-supporting initiative that TikTok uses to spread positive messages about the Covid vaccines and fight misinformation

Much emphasis has been placed on vaccine hesitation and information dissemination among BAME communities, and some of the videos produced by Team Halo’s doctors are specifically aimed at countering the problem

But Dr Uwadiae said the pandemic “shed light on” existing health inequalities between minority communities

She told the PA News Agency, “Okay, you are going to give priority to the BAME people now because we need to make sure we encourage them to get vaccinated, but what happens to us after that?

“Because we still have all of the inequalities that were there before – we’ve highlighted them, but we also need to resolve them

Good communication with the public is critical to preventing people from abandoning social distancing measures after vaccination, warned a committee of experts advising the government

The Emergency Scientific Advisory Group (Sage) said those who received a bump may be less inclined to stick to the rules unless they are told the science behind the transmission

In a recent article, the group added that the success of the vaccine introduction could mean that even those who did not receive a dose “realize that those at risk are no longer at great risk”

Sage noted that 20% of adults in the UK received a first dose of vaccine, while 16% believe they have recovered from the virus – a belief linked to the perception of immunity

It has been warned that these numbers could create the impression that the threat has permanently decreased, making it more difficult to adhere to restrictions on seeing friends or family

“As constraints change, messaging should be careful to explain the importance of continuing to adhere to safeguards,” said Sage

The move to move forward with coronavirus vaccine rollout by age, rather than prioritizing frontline occupations, “makes sense,” said a former government scientific advisor

Professor Sir Mark Walport, former government scientific advisor, said the strategy had maximized the number of vaccines based on the most vulnerable people

Sir Mark told BBC Breakfast on Saturday: “An age-related rollout fits in with where people get the worst illness and are at higher risk of death”

A mortgage guarantee scheme designed to help budding homeowners with small deposits on the real estate ladder and boost the market will be included in next week’s budget

Chancellor Rishi Sunak plans to incentivize lenders, first time home buyers and current homeowners to get mortgages with only 5% deposits for the purchase of real estate worth up to 600000 GBP to be made available

He will go into detail on Wednesday how the government is providing lenders with the guarantee they need to provide mortgages for the remaining 95%

The Treasury Department said low deposit mortgages “virtually disappeared” due to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic

Picking out vaccination professions would take too long, and age is a better indicator of the risk of Covid-19, said Health Minister Jeane Freeman

She said Scotland would follow recent recommendations from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) to introduce coronavirus bursts, recommending that people over 40 should have priority in the next phase, followed by 30 to 39 Years Old people and then the 18-29 year olds

While the UK government is bound by the JCVI guidelines in England, the Scottish government has no legal obligation to follow them – but the Minister of Health has now announced that it will prioritize it

Ms. Freeman said: “We welcome the preliminary advice from the Independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization for Phase 2 of the Vaccine Use Program to continue prioritizing vaccination by age for people as this is seen as the best way to address that Risk of serious illness and mortality

“All four UK nations will follow the recommended approach for the second phase of the vaccine rollout, subject to final recommendations from the Independent Expert Committee”

But bodies that represent certain professions, such as B. Teachers, have questioned the new priority list, stating that more than most Scots, its members should be in danger and should get the sting as a priority

Speaking at the coronavirus briefing in Edinburgh on Friday, Ms. Freeman said, “I understand why some of our professions may be disappointed with JCVI’s advice, but they know exactly what the greatest risk factor is and it’s age, it doesn’t where you work, how old you are and whether you have any health problems or are extremely clinically vulnerable

“We are working on these groups. It is right for this government to follow this clinical advice, this thoughtful clinical advice”

When will I get the vaccine?

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